[EM News]November Fish Winner/Plot Deco Times

EM EchoEM Echo Posts: 74Event Moderator
Wow! So many Fire Fish turned in this month I do believe we can keep the whole shard warm through the rest of the winter! For the first time, we actually have a tie - Circe and Lord Mordred both turned in Fire Fish weighing 189 stones. The plaque and trophy will be placed shortly. Great job everyone! I'm definitely curious to see what December holds for the fishing.

As promised, the December plot deco contest had kicked off. If you want to participate, see Santa's Helper on the front steps of the Reward Hall in Malas for your plot assignment. I will be at the Reward Hall this Sunday, December 8th for the first build time starting at 3 p.m. Eastern. I can be available up until 6 p.m. and then possibly a little later. If you are interested in building on Sunday, however, I'd appreciate it if you would respond here with a time for Sunday. It takes about half an hour each.

Congratulations again to our fish of the month winners and I can't wait to see what decorating ideas you come up with!
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