[EM Mini Event]Thanksgiving Hunt - Self directed

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Visit the Thanksgiving Chef at the Meeting Hall north of Brit moongate and say "thanksgiving". He will give you a riddle clue book. Solve the riddles and collect the items matching the answers. Turn in a bag with all of your items and your name to the mailbox at the Meeting Hall or the Reward Hall in Malas by December 5th.

Optional - Bag a Turkey - using the Huntmaster Challenge, turn in the biggest turkey you can find. The winning hunter will have their name on the wall of fame in Luna and their trophy displayed at the Meeting Hall. In the event of a tie, a stone will be put up with all the winners names listed. Deadline for this is also December 5th.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 


  • EM EchoEM Echo Posts: 74Event Moderator
    Thank you to everyone who participated in the Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt. Congratulations to Keenbadger who turned in the prize winning turkey at 24 stones! The turkey has been cooked and is one display in Luna currently (to be moved to the Award Hall).

    For those interested, the answers to the riddles were:

    1. Take off my skin and I won't cry but you will. What am I? (Onion)
    2. You throw away the outside and cook the inside. The you eat the outside and throw away the inside. What is it? (Corn)
    3. What do you get when you drop a pumpkin? (Squash)
    4. A container without hinges, lock or a key, yet a golden treasure lies inside me. What am I? (Egg)
    5. After all the cleaning and cooking and festivities, this is definitely called for, even if it has been known to lead to bar dancing. (Alcohol) 
    6. Give me food and I will live; give me water and I will die. What am I? (Fire - this could have been a torch, match, lantern, kindling, etc.)
    7. While the pixies like to scatter these around, Faine thinks they could also make charming napkin rings. (A Bauble)
    8. Faine - Note to self - This is used to carve the bird and not thrown at other EM's. (Knife of any type)
    9. Once this is emptied, it could be put to good use as a helmet in the after dinner games. (Bowl)

    I hope you guys enjoyed the hunt and more to come in the future!
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