Hawkwinds & Gargoyles

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So I have been back doing a little more shadowguard lately and noticed that my gargoyle characters seem to be getting gargish versions of the drops now.  Perhaps my sample size is small, but I have not gotten a hawkwinds on a gargoyle character yet.  Since there is no gargish version of this item, can someone confirm if they drop as a reward for gargoyles?


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    They do not.
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    They do drop as rewards to gargoyle characters, the thing is, if you play a gargoyle every pack-drop you get will automatically be the gargoyle only version unless it's something able to be equipped by any race (Spellbooks & Talismans).

    There are currently no gargoyle versions of Hawkwind's Robe or Mocapotl’s Obsidian Sword.

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