Shatter potions RESTRICTIONS

@Devs if your not planning to nerf the Shatter potions effects at least consider making one of the following changes since a lot of stealther are abusing players by dropping shatters and hiding:
- Shatter potions should function like bollas so the player must be on foot/not flying
- Players in animal form should not be able to use shatter potions
- a player who gets hits by a shatter potion should be immune to shatter potions (even if he get hit by another player) cooldown = 1min
- the person who shatters should loose a small amount of the potions in his backpack as well

feel free to share some more ideas, i really think this is starting to become really annoying in pvp fights

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  • NonelNonel Posts: 19
    edited November 2019
    Not sure I'd agree with the first and last points but your middle two seem good. No using it in animal form, for sure, with a delay before you can hop into animal form. A cooldown seems like the most reasonable change that should be made. Maybe not 1 minute....but at least something. Give it a skill use delay, too, so whoever uses one cant hide for 10-12 seconds.

    Edit: And maybe tie a skill to it, similar to bolas. Make it unlikely to "land" without said skill.
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