Atlantic Vendor Search

What a nightmare,  does not work. People in chart saying it's because VS is full of low end crap that clogs the system. Any truth or resolution to this?


  • Pure text search didn't work. You need a valid property like gargoyle only.
    Maybe the search engine has to less time for search.
  • FortisFortis Posts: 367
    they will add auction safe to vendor search imagine how terrible it will be
  • DJAdDJAd Posts: 289
    This has been broken for a while now I think :(
  • psychopsycho Posts: 234
    Next patch will fix it I hope, at least that whats said.
    it should never have happened in the first place though, but thats another discussion
  • I'm getting used to it. Was fun while it worked, but nothing lasts forever :P
    Just a troll who got told by lesser trolls (moderator classification)
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