Is it possible to get a paperdoll prefix with an overhead suffix titles on Bones?

I have been trying all event to get The Wicked Tanager the Naughty's Bones. I have gotten lots of wickeds, and lots of naughtys - but not both.  Will the generator mix the two? Any examples somewhere that I can see? (Some folks might confuse paperdoll and overhead titles, and I have gotten paperdoll prefix and paperdoll suffix together; so I would like to actually see a pd/overhead mix if I can - not counting Lord/Lady.)


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    I will have to look through my bones and see but I believe so. I seem to remember getting Glorious Lady Marge Savior of the Demented bones in years past. I'll let you know what I find. (If I don't come back it means a wall of bones collapsed on me - send a search party!)
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    Hmmm maybe I take that back - haven't found any yet. (Of course, I also can't find the set I was thinking of either.) If I do find any - I'll let you know.
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    Thank you both for replying, but unfortunately it does not fully resolve the issue...

    Dread/Glorious Lord/Lady is a paperdoll Fame/Karma prefix, as dread/glorious, great, illustrious, etc are not ever shown overhead. 90 in the magery skill grants 'the Mage' for overhead suffix, but Legendary Mage is a paperdoll skill suffix. Thus, The Dread Lady Pearl, Legendary Mage is a paperdoll prefix with a paperdoll suffix. 

    The Great Cinderella is a paperdoll prefix, but City loyalty titles can go either way. The bones are not conclusive unless you are absolutely certain that you had that set as your overhead that day and not as your paperdoll suffix and something else as overhead. Memories are fickle things, however... But at least it might be possible!

    Even if it is possible, it must be very rare.

    I fear there is no hope for The Wicked Tanager the Naughty's Bones :(
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    Found the bones I was looking for - and no first half title. It is looking like the full title ones are only exactly as the name is on the paperdoll - no mixing and matching.
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    The Great Cinderella (paper doll)
    Countess of Minoc (overhead)

    And I know this for sure, because when the sitting up bones came out, I didn't have any bones with my chars name on them. So I went overboard getting bones with all my chars names on them. And with Cinderella, I actually went above that... I made sure I got bones with every title I had at the time. And I wanted Countess of Minoc on a set, so it was my overhead name.

    i just wish that it would have been available to get our Governor title on bones. that would be so awesome...

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