Gargoyle's can't complete the Hag Quest because they cannot wear a Tricorn Hat!

This is totally BOGUS!


  • I'm referring to the ingredient that the hag wanted form Captain Blackbeard (in Bucc's Den).  This is not always a required ingredient but it still sucks having to cancel the quest and start all over again, hoping that you don't get that one again...  If you cant make gargoyles wear hats, maybe make them exempt from the random need for Captain Blackbeard's Whiskey??
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    This was discussed not that long ago.
  • Well, I don't know what happened then.  I ran the quest 3 times; 2 of which had blackhearts whiskey.  The last one called for a star chart.
  • @Kyronix @Bleak @Mesanna ; could you confirm what was done to allow Gargs to complete the Hags assistant, and make sure it isn't broken please?

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