Need a small update on uo happenings of the last 90 days... explanation forth coming...

Hi all; 
Sorry for asking this, I have been in the hospital and ill starting August 15th and just got out this Sunday.  I got out of the hospital for the 3rd time.... yes the food suxs    I hope to never go back...

Back to what I am asking for help with. 
Today is the first time I have had the energy to get on the computer.. I must admit I am a tad bit lost on what's been up in game.  I don't have the fortitude to wade through all the notes and posts that I know I should. I just don't have the ability right now... I would greatly thank all who can help me catch up.
Lady Storm


  • It's Ultima Online nothing changes ever so whatever you did 90 days ago it's the same today.
  • Quite a bit of new content at the moment, Lady Storm. I’ve sent a PM your way. 

    Glad you’re home and feeling better! :-)
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    Focus on what you can do, not what you can't.
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      I don't have the fortitude to wade through all the notes and posts that I know I should. I just don't have the ability right now... I would greatly thank all who can help me catch up.

    Pawain said:


    It's good to see you back Lady Storm. 

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    if you have the High Seas you can continue to fight the beacons, pirates, merchants to get cargo drops to be turned in at Buc's mint to the pirate. Or turn into the minister of trade crate for city treasuries...

    Also the spawn around the becons, on merchant & pirate ships... along with Corgul, Charbydis & Scalis have turned soulbound. Alchemists of the lands craft ethereal soulbinders to be used when fighting the soulbound creatures. When they are mythical level, turn them in at the fellowship (East Britain NE of the bank) in the blue crate located there. The Fellowship Adept has recipes, titles, pumpkin cannons & more.

    Also located at the fellowship near the northern wall is a Fellowship Donation Box. Donating cargo there will give you the rewards that are on top. It is easier to donate the mythical crates there, until you reach 450 Mil points. After that just donate 8 grandmaster cargo. For each of these you will get fellowship coins. Take these coins to Dungeon Blackthorn.

    you will find that the dungeon has collapsed and in order to pass, you must hand each worker a fellowship coin. After you hand over the coin, you can step on the next teleporter. At the last one you will receive something. There is a gargoyle version of it, so I recommend doing that on a gargoyle char too (if its not your main & you like to collect stuff). 

    you may have noticed that the second teleporter actually leads to the lighthouse area. That is the new way to get there. You can continue to get drops there, but all other creatures are gone.

    There are two new crystal skulls for Trick or Treating. 
    Two new designs for the tall orange pumpkin, tree & fairy.
    One for the small pumpkin, octopus.
    but the Butchers are no longer spawning.
    All other Halloween content is still active, including the zombie skeletons.

    The only other thing you have missed are...
    And the anniversary gifts...

    Pub 107 is on TC right now...
    Keep contest just started.
    No Dev picks this round.
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    sorry to hear about your lengthy stay in the hospital.
    Hope all is better with you.
    Welcome back
  • Thank you all  even AB's comments  its nice to know some things didn't change. 

    I figure I best tell what happened as I know if it was I id be asking too...  hehe 
    On the 14th of august I found I could'nt breath and I blew up with fluid.  911 called and took me to the ER where the kind Dr said Afib and put me in for 1 week and filled me with meds.... sent home I got the new meds and was fine but very tired till a few weeks later when again I found breathing and more fluid that still had not left had added more! Another 911 call  ER again!  only this time the evidence of the issue was very much seeable. I was covered with 2nd and 3rd degree chemical burns... and the blisters were walking up my chest as he watched.. it was that fast.  Good thing he was a very smart cookie. 2 more weeks to clear off the burns and clean out my system of the meds and play pill shuffle.  Went home still puffy but the massive blisters were gone. I thought.. Still fluid saturated and very tired all the time I was hoping to play but I was having cold and heat surges every few minutes and it made me so very tired. October still no reduction of fluids I got sick and again 911 called and this time I was full siren to the ER I had water on the lungs and my heart was taxed to the max.  This time the Dr who saw me was a kind lady who immediately saw the issue and said don't worry hun by the time you go home you will be skinny again... She saw the underlying error.  took them 2 weeks to ring me out like a damp dish rag...  so you see don't ignore the facts that dr's are human do you homework and watch for reactions not normal for you. 
    I am fine but tire easy...     And I really do thank you for your kind words and help getting back in the swing of UO.
    Lady Storm
  • Good gravy, Lady Storm! No more of that business now! Stay well! *hugs*
  • Afib sux.  Glad you found a doctor that can get it straightened out finally.

    Welcome back!

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    Glad to hear you are doing better.  AFIB will hurt your heart and it takes a while to get it back to normal.  Do not get down it does get better.
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