Gargoyles and the Patch/Event Items

Hi everyone,

I'm a gargoyle player and wondering that am I the only one who is feeling like forgotten?

Even in the Forsaken Foes Events,

I can't wear any of the weapon belts or head armors rework like Cowls etc...

And even funnier, I can't even hold the amber ale as off-hand.

Developers please remember that we are also playing this game and want to join the events and collect items. But when this kind of things always happens for us, we don't want to play anymore, sorry.



  • MerusMerus Posts: 485
    It is flat out ridiculous how much of the content from this team ignores the gargoyle race completely.  Time of Legends came out in 2015 and it took them YEARS to update some of the artifact drops to be usable by gargoyles, and even still there is no Hawkwinds gargoyle robe alternative... that is 4 years later and still not on equal footing.
  • McDougleMcDougle Posts: 2,830
    not to mention how much harder it is too build decent suit due to one less armor slot....
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  • MargeMarge Posts: 605
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