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I keep getting reports of certain problems that needs to be addressed from the client:

  • Smart targeting (next/nearest/etc..): It should switch the current target without triggering the cursor target. The purpose of the action is to cycle targets until you find the one you need WIHTOUT losing the target "in hand". By triggering the cursor target it nullify the purpose...
    FIX: just expose the "SetCurrentTarget" function from the client so it can be use to set a current target without losing the target "in hand" (like the normal target next does).

  • Lots of actions requires to use the "Use Current Target" action in a macro. This also gets bugged if there is no current target active and it DOES NOT work with legacy targeting.
    FIX: add "Use Stored Target" inside the client so the actions will work indipendently from the current target AND with legacy targeting active.

  • Use Current Target inside a macro gets bugged if you don't have a current target. You have to replace the action or it won't work anymore (not even by restarting the client).

  • Crystal Balls when dragged on the hotbars, should be treated as SystemData.UserAction.TYPE_USE_ITEM (aka: use the item I drop in the slot) instead of SystemData.UserAction.TYPE_USE_OBJECTTYPE (aka: use a random object of this type I dropped in the slot). This way all the "pet summoning ball" actions can be removed. This should just be a matter of switching a flag somewhere...

  • There are missing error on the login page:
    - Trying to delete a character younger than 7 days just does nothing (no error, no delete).
    - Trying to create a character with EJ when you already have 2 characters it gives you a weird error and the client get stuck.

  • Reloading the interface or logging out while a gump like animal lore/runic atlas is open, makes the client crash.

  • Saltpeter is missing from Target By Resource

On a separate note, I'd like to report few things that CC can do and EC cannot providing unfair advantages:

  • Conditional macros: excluding scripting programs, CC can have conditional macros allowing advanced features. By adding the following functions to the client, the conditional macros can be easily done on EC without risk of cheating:
    - StopCurrentMacro(): stop the macro that is currently running (if there is no macro running it does nothing). This is required inside all the "Target X" actions, so if there is no target the macro stops.
    - RunMacroElement(elementIndex): IF A MACRO IS CURRENTLY RUNNING, execute the specified slot inside the macro. If the slot doesn't exist it does nothing. This is necessary to make new "wait for" actions that are actually provided by UO Assist and similar for CC client but not available on EC (like wait for mana, wait for gump, etc... and IF condition)
    - GetCurrentMacroData(): IF A MACRO IS CURRENTLY RUNNING, provided: current macro ID, the ID of the action is currently being executed, and the slot ID that is currently being executed. This is required to do the "wait for" actions I described above.

    If you can provide the functions inside the client I can easily provide you with all the conditions for the default UI...
    Since the macros on EC automatically stops if you use items/skills/etc... there won't be risks of cheating. It will still be less powerful than the permanently running macros that CC that automatically uses potions/apples/etc... but that's cheating anyway...

  • Sounds filter: filtering bard/crafting/dogs/cats/horses/spirit speak/etc... sounds has been requested a ton of times and CC got it but not EC...

  • Wheater filter: an option to disable wheater effects like UO Assist has...

  • Tree stumps: many players uses a version of the map without trees, only stumps a wide visual advantage. That could be easily done by having a separate version of the maps with stumps instead of trees (like you have for snow) and switching between them by activating the setting.

This are just some of the stuff I have on my list, if you manage to take care it I'll send you more :smiley: 

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