From the Desk of EM Faine Morgan - November Edition

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It's hard to believe we are turning the page on another month. October seemed to fly by faster than a speeding witches' broom. However, as always, before we pull our cozy blankets around us with a nice warm mug of hot chocolate and settle into November, let's finish up a few items from October.

Congratulations are in order for a couple of our October contests. 

First, congratulations to Onyx for turning in the winning entry, a 39 stone Zombie Fish. Judging by the fact that only two Zombie fish were caught and turned in, I think it's safe to say the zombie apocolypse is still a ways off. A plaque will be placed shortly on the Wall of Fame in Luna. Perhaps the November fish will be a bit easier to obtain! More on that in a bit.

Congratulations go out as well to Kristian and Rhianna for first place in the Fall Fling Deco Plot Contest! We had two entries and the judges were very impressed with both. Your creativity continues to delight me and I can't wait to see what you all come up with next! More info down a bit on the Winter Wonderland round.

I had an absolute blast with you all during the Fall Festival and congratulations to all of our contest winners. I will be working on a Winter Carnival so keep your eyes peeled for more to come on that sometime in January. 

As I said before, with the holidays upon us, the event schedule is going to be a little out of whack. I'll keep as close to the schedule as I can but I am going to have to move a few things around. I hope you'll bear with me. We'll get back to a "normal" schedule in January.

Also, our first promotion ceremony will be held in January. Registration for this round will close on November 30th to give me time to prepare. I will add a post at the bottom of this thread with the current registrations and standings. If you find any issues, please email me at and I'll double check.

Now, onto November!

The Fish of the Month for November is the Fire Fish. Hopefully it will be plentiful enough to help keep us warm!

Monday, November 4th - Kings Council Meeting at Blackthorn's castle - 8 p.m. EST.
Thursday, November 14th - EM Led Event - 8 p.m. EST - Gate from Luna Mint provided
Tuesday, November 26th - EM Led Event - 8 p.m. EST - Gate from Luna Mint provided 
(Note: The November 26th event MAY turn into a self directed quest but I'm still working on it so keep an eye on the boards and announcer just in case.)

The Winter Wonderland round of the Deco Plot Contest will begin November 30th. Entries will be accepted through December 15th. The deco can be for any winter holidays/themes, winter in general, etc. After this, the next round will be Spring. 

I always appreciate feedback and you can contact me at as well as Facebook or in game. 

Stay warm and safe travels!
EM Faine


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    Current Player, Path and Attendance Points to Date

    Player Choice  Pts.
    Maribelle Rose 1
    Nyre Lars Stone 3
    Jag 5
    Morganna Rose  8
    Lady of the Night Rose 4
    Soren Rose 4
    Zora Stone 6
    Pan Rose 6
    Pit Rose 0
    Se'Saucy Wench Rose 3
    Keenbadger Stone 8
    Glorfindel Stone 6
    Mystical Dee Rose 5
    Captain Sinbad Rose 6
    Squince Stone 2
    Bragi Hildrskald Rose 7
    Minion Rose 0
    Edward Teach Stone 0
    Poor Boy Stone 4
    Gash Stone 7
    Maint Alter Rose 7
    Barefoot Princess Rose 1
    Bretwalda Stone 7
    Alathea Krynn Stone 2
    Mariah Rose 3
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