Some people are taking advantage of my friend with Autism.

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This guy is taking advantage of my friend with Autism. He is pretty much blackmailing and making this guy pay him gametime, real money, and gold, and everything to not be reported to get a permanent ban.. Sometimes these games are pretty much life to some people. But when my friend starts to get mad and then tries to express himself, but yes, it is with quite some emotion, about how he feels ripped off and wants everyone else to know how he is treated. He gets banned for it. And nothing happens to the guy for causing the whole situation. HE HAS ALSO TRIED IGNORING THE GUY. But he also goes after him in 3rd party messenger services to continue it.
  1. What should be done?0 votes
    1. Should something happen to the party taking advantage of the situation?
    2. Or is it going to be one sided?


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    Why is the friend doing things that can get him banned?

    And why is he paying?
    Focus on what you can do, not what you can't.
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    You should contact Mesanna directly at

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    He has finally gotten angry to start trying to talk about him using him. He sometimes flies off a bit, He was trying to explain in general chat about how the guy was using him and ripping him off. Yeah I emailed her and also tried sending her a message on facebook. Also had him try to send an email. He has a hard time speaking english too.
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    Uh..  has your friend thought about not engaging in illegal activity? Is that an option? /end thread
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    This is not an issue that can be resolved on this forum. Please contact Broadsword though the appropriate methods. In game paging, or as suggested an email. 
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