Siege Perilous BATTLE CHICKEN TOURNAMENT ! Saturday 23TH November 2019, 3PM EST (8PM UK)

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Magichands was walking around britain farms just to relax a bit after a long hard day of work. While walking near one of this farm, he saw a strange creature near the wheels of a cart and so he decided to go near to investigate. The creature was really cute but so strange, an hybrid of a chicken and a lizard. Was so little and he thought to go more near and try to caress it. When his hand was near the head of this creature, suddenly it started to squeal so strong that Magichands had to cover his ears.
"What kind of creature is this one? I was getting crazy with his scream !*
A laugh come from the back of the cart and an old man smiling helped Magichands to get up from the ground.
"I'm sorry my lord... This little creature is still not trained so I cannot control what it can do ! But I have to say that you resisted well to that scream ! After years I'm not still used to that !"
"Are you saying you train this kind of pet?"
" Yes my lord... They are called chicken lizards ! Once they grew up, they are very good companion and they know how to protect someone they love !
" Woahhh ! That is really interesting ! It's the first time I see one of them so I thought they were very peaceful creature !"
" Oh they can be also that, but in their blood there is an instinct for fight, so if you met one of them angry... Well run faster you can my lord ! " and then the man started to laugh strong !
Also Magichands started to laugh strong but in the meanwhile a strange idea started to born in his mind.
" One last question kind man: do you think there are many of these creatures in this land?"
" Oh of course my lord... Some need much attention and patience to be breeded but there are a lot of them around ! *
* Well then thank you ! You helped me a lot ! " and then he shaked the hand of the man !
Before leaving he throw a purse of coin to the old man: " I think this your little friend will need a lot of food: maybe with these coins you can get a good kind !" and smiling he start to walk away thinking of this new idea he had !

Howdy Siege Citizens !
At the last Meeting in UWSP Town we spoke all together about the chance to make a tournament for chicken lizard. Well now it's time to make it real !
So, Saturday 23th November at 3PM EST (8PM UK) we'll meet at the Ocllo arena to make this tournament !
Everyone is invited to join us and bring their chicken lizard !
The tournament will be done in fight between 2 opponents (each one with 1 Chicken Lizard).
All kind of spells, bandages, masteries or treat to help the pet are forbidden.
There will be a prize for the 3rd, 2nd and 1st place !
So it's time to train your chicken lizard !!

We'll wait you all !


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