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I am at the opinion that the Gov's meetings on Sonoma need to be canceled altogether, @EM Xanthus can post updates, information request or questions at the UO Forum and just do his normal EM events
I would continue to run for office just to be sure I kept the trade deal open.  I am pretty sure others that have been attending the meetings agree with me.  Those that have not attended meetings really would not care.

It's been almost two years since our last promotion on Sonoma, and from the feedback I am getting, Xanthus feels we do not need them, that he rather have people show up for the fun of it.  Fine then cancel the Drops Xanthus, tell @Mesanna, then we will know for sure who attends for the fun only, if I am wrong then I am sorry and apologize now.

Events where a winner names is to be posted on a plaque @Mesanna are not being done on Sonoma. I know you are a busy lady with your job and real life, so allow the EM to post those nasty plaques.

@Mesanna, Missing NPCs, I was not able to attend the last M&G as I had Doc's appointments that morning, so I could not remind you, but at the last M&G before that I told you of three missing NPCs at our Tower of Sorcery, and we would really love to have them return.  I also post that information at the Governor's meeting with King Blackthorn.  

*Gets off the Soapbox*

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