Atlantic - Events for November

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I am doing a little bit of rescheduling with some of Octobers events.  Here is what I have planned so far.  Stay tuned I will add more if time allows

November 1st - Grey Wolf 9PM EDT

November 2nd - Eagle - 2PM EDT - Afternoon Event

November 3rd - Billy Goat - 9PM EDT

November 10th - Governors Meeting 9PM EDT

Gates will be provided 


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    Billy Goat Fiction 

    On a cold November night Ginger hovered at the edge of the farm ringing his hands and peaking around the tree he has chosen to hide behind.  Glancing towards the bush beyond the goat pen where the others were watching, he once again felt the nerves come on.

    Ginger has been trying to join a group of other imps that are in his area but all his attempts to impress them have been more helpful than not.  Last time he tried to hide the laundry by taking it from the line just before a wind storm came through keeping it from being blow away.  Before that he has knocked a pie from the windowsill out to cool but it turns out the old woman was blind and had accidentally cooked it with salt instead of sugar.

    Deciding it was now or never, Ginger pulled his cap down tight and flitted over to the back of the goat pen.  The farmer had been out to inspect a weak spot earlier today and had tied together some plants to cover up the gap in the fencing.  Landing on the edge of the pen, Ginger inspected the patch job to see if he could un-do the repair.  Working with all his might and working up a sweat, Ginger was finally able to get the thick rope undone and knock the boards away from the pen creating a gap big enough for a goat to easily slip through.

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