Lumberjack Satchel does not allow reversed logs from ship cargos

BasaraBasara Posts: 163
There's two types of log graphic. 

The first is slanting down left to right, and appears as a single log on top of another log (slightly longer than a single log). These are the ones you get from Lumberjacking, and loot from most creatures.
The second is slanting down right to left, and appears to be two logs side by side. These can be made by locking down and rotating the other type (and vice versa), but otherwise mostly appear from being cargo on merchant and pirate ships.

The first type will go into the Lumberjack Satchel from the Huntsman Challenge rewards.
The second type will not.
This is annoying, because currently ship holds still limit sub-containers to their normal maximum (unlike a container in the bank or house secure), and the satchels are the only way to organize mass quantities of ore/ingot and wood types in containers over 400 stone in a hold. After a few ships being looted, the holds start getting messy, especially if a group hunt where loot is split at the end. Ore and ingots can be put into the miner's satchel without issues (as they are all the usual orientation), but you can only put boards of the various looted woods into the lumberjack satchel, as the reversed logs are rejected as not being the correct type of material for it (when by definition they are EXACTLY what the bag was meant for). And, not everyone is going to be running around with a GM carpenter, LJ or Fletcher in a pirate hunting party.

Could we get the reversed logs added to Lumberjack Satchel as valid items?
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