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“Why am I wearing a hooded robe in bed? And whose bed is this? Whose hut is this???” were the first thoughts that came to Kincaid’s mind, as he fought through a haze of darkness and potions. “and what” he said out loud “was that ghastly stench?!?”

“Ye’re in me hut, dearie, safe as a mongbat in a midden.” came a dry croak from the shadows across the room. The voice was familiar, but as the room spun, he could not place it. He squinted into the shadows, and could make out three or four faces – or was it just one face, multiplied by whatever he’d been given to drink?

“Yes dearie, tis me lovable self, Grizelda the beautiful.” cackled the shape. Kincaid hoped it was his eyes, and there was just one of her. Four Grizeldas would be far too many, even for an EM at full power.

“Those healers dropped ye off a while ago – said they needed the bed space. Gave me a nice piece o’ pork crackling fer me troubles, too. So I tucked ye up, poured some o me own special potions down yer gullet, and here ye be, right as rain!”

“er… thanks?” was all he could muster. “But why was I at the healers?”

“Ye don’t remember? Ah, that’ll be the lizard spleen I put in yer last potion. Does wobbly things ta the memory, like. Ye had to have some sorta … opy-ray-shun they said. Cut ye open, moved some bits around, sewed ye up – sounds like bags o fun. I’m gonna try it orn mesself one o these days! “

His vision started to clear, and he looked hopefully towards the door, only to be shoved back into what he really hoped were pillows, and his nose held firmly by a boney hand.

“Now, tis not time fer ye ta go home yet, dearie. Yer be needin a few more days rest an recovery. Don’t ye worry, Ol’ Grizelda’ll look after yer!”

A fetid spoonful of bubbling gloop found its way into his mouth, and the room spun again. The last thing he heard was “Ye’ll like this one -it’s got crickets in it!”

So, your EM is on the road to recovery after a fairly major bit of surgery. Events will start again soon – assuming he can escape (and survive!) Grizelda’s loving bedside manner.

At first, I’ll be holding a maximum of two events a month, but we should be back to the weekly schedule by new year!

Thanks to all those who sent messages, get well scrolls, and virtual chocolates!

EM Kincaid


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