EM Event : Saturday, 9th November at 5 pm EST : Rise of the Rat Lord

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The dank rat hole was filled with the usual sounds of snuffling, gnawing, and claws on dirt. Nothing unusual there. But then came a new sound. The sounds of someone sulking. Loudly.

"It's not fair! Two decades now! Two whole decades! For twenty years I've been his apprentice! When will it end? When will he give me some actual responsibility?"

A rat poked its head out of a hole inquisitively, and saw a skinny man, dressed in colourful rags, waving a broom around his head. The rat knew to avoid brooms, especially when the human holding them was making noises like that. It retreated a little way into its hole, and watched from a safe spot.

Maccaroon glared at the silver flute, secure in its enchanted holder on his master's desk. "If it wasn't for YOU, he wouldn't be so great! All the power is in your enchanted notes, not in HIM! Why, if I had my own flute, I'd show him a thing or two!"

He spared an extra glare for the large portrait of his master, Barracoon the Piper, hanging on the wall. Then he stopped. Something strange was wandering through his mind. He'd heard of this happening to other people, but never to him. Could this actually be... an.... IDEA ???

The simple-minded apprentice threw the broom aside, and skipped down the passage that lead up to the surface. He would show Barracoon. He would become the greatest charmer of vermin the world had ever seen! Now, where did that bard live....?

Event Details

  • Gates will open to the EM hall during the hour before the event. You'll find a gate at any of the player-run hubs, and major banks (Britain, Luna, Zento) as well as a few other spots.
  • The event will take place OUTSIDE of guard zones. Just in case you're lost, this is Siege Perilous. If you don't want to risk losing something, don't bring it to the event. 
  • A gate to the starting point of the event will remain open inside the EM Hall (House of Commons) for the duration of the event. You can come and join in at any point during the event, even if you miss the start. 
  • I will never, ever, ever tell you whether there's going to be a drop at the event, but there might be a drop at this event. Joining in is the only way to know for sure!
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