Flagging Bug- VvV

If a blue jumps in on a VvV member they are flagged OJ to everyone.  Once the person is killed- anyone that attacked them is flagged grey to them.  They can come back and keep a solo flag due to that and just jump in fights with no additional consequence of becoming OJ if they stay on the same target.  This needs to be fixed.


  • LynkLynk Posts: 186
    You literally described how flagging works and has always worked.  Welcome to UO. 
  • quickbladequickblade Posts: 307
    edited October 2019
    There is an actual flag bug going on with pets tho, it has been bugged for years , if an orange flag on you exemple, then you say all kill on him back, your pet will actually flag on him and flag yourself aswell, even if the target flagged first on you.
    As if the pet had a separate flag system, it should share the same flag as the owner in my opinion: if the orange attacks you, he should also automaticaly flag on your pet even if you are riding it.
  • Delete VvV and make people have to go red again,  bring back real pvp!!!
  • LynkLynk Posts: 186
    Why, you getting bored being blue in GZ while the Pvpers have fun as oranges?
  • For me to come to yew gate at all I have to be bored out of mind.  Yew isn't real pvp, its open field script fighting.   No talent out there at all.
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