Moongate at West Britain bank and options around it.

Over a year ago Mesanna promised at our LA Meet & Greet that she'd put up a moongate at West Britain bank like the other shards have.  LA players have asked for this for years, and we consider it a critical component of LA's social life and future. We believe it is critical to the health and stability of LA's population.  Obviously, as it has been over a year since this promise was given, and that it took several years to get her to promise this in the first place, there is a problem setting it up or some reason for the fact that it hasn't appeared.  Since the player group who have requested this for years feel that it is a very important component to LA's social structure, I'm looking for other creative options to address the issue.

SO, I have come up with an alternative idea. How about we get a permanent 'transport pavilion' placed on the West side of the bank by the moat consisting of our commonly placed items like a crystal ball for the banks, the corrupted crystal for the dungeons, and the crystal and jawbone that allow us to get to Ilshenar and Eodon locations? That wouldn't take messing with our moongate system. It would use items commonly found in the world, already set up and functioning.  At least if we had the means to get players from West Britain bank to other places quickly it might help with the use of our capital city and encourage the population on LA.

There was a time when I actually left LA for a time and considered making a new home elsewhere. My main thing wasn't a huge population or activities - it was whether it was easy to get in and out of Britain since I use it a lot.  I wouldn't move to a shard that didn't have a moongate option at Brit.  So, please guys do LA a huge favor and maybe at least give us transportation options at the West Britain bank of some sort? We always get 'complaints' that LA is a small shard and not as convenient as other shards are. Having no moongate at Brit when most all of the other shards have them is one reason for it. The contest that brought the moongates and redesigns to the shard West Britain banks was conducted on LA first as a test. The other shards were given a moongate option for their designs, and LA was not.  If I hadn't already been on LA as a home base before the contest, I wouldn't have come here either.  LA deserves a chance because we are a great shard, and we'd like to make it easy for other people to come to our shard and enjoy it as well.

Thanks for considering my alternative option! I hope other players will chime in here and give their opinions as well.  - El


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    shards with no moongate at Britain

    Lake Austin
    Napa Valley

    There is a moongate on Arirang, but it takes you to the Counselor's Guild.
    Things like this make it very confusing...

    My suggestion would be...
    for the Devs to put one on every shard at the Brit commons.

    They did with the trash can at Luna, why not a moongate in Brit?

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    Please make the Grizzled Mare a 5 slot mount, it's incredibly rare and deserves it. Some of us have been waiting a long time for this simple addition.
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    Ask the shard's EM if he/she/they can do it.

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    We have been asking for years.
    We were told that if the original designer of Brit Bank requested one put in, that we could get it. 
    (several EM's ago)
    The original designer wasn't playing at the time, so a friend gave him 6 month game time for him to come back.
    He asked right away for the moongate and was told that it had to be in the original design.
    He didn't know that you could put one in the design or it would have had one.

    Then when Lake Austin asked for a moongate at a meet & greet
    They were told it would be placed.
    maybe it was in the original design, I don't know.
    but there are other shards that don't have one.
    I think every shard should have one.
    No shard should be looked down on, because they don't have one.

    And since they have added Brit Commons to every shard...
    why not put it there on every shard, to avoid the confusion.

    My suggestion:

    If placed at the X, it would look like the statue is touching/holding it open
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