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Howdy Citizens of Siege Perilous ! After the first meeting of the last month, we are ready for the 2nd one ! As always the meeting is opened to all guilds of Siege and all citizens that will want speak about the shard and maybe how to organize some funny events !
I suggest to don't bring anything fancy with you but i ask also to all guilds that will join to respect this house as a neutral place as the last time !.
So i wait all you Saturday 12th October 2019, at the Consulate House (is the one in front of the UWSP Market) at 8PM UK - 3PM EST !
And i remind to all that there is plenty of room in the house for advertise your guild if you want !!

See you !!


P.S. If anyone is interested to have info about the house this is the link with all infos:


  • Thank you all for joining !! Was a very nice meeting with many people !
    For who wasn't there, a little recap:
    1) Works for Artisan Festival are going well... We have 6 trees completed and we still have 3 to do ! We are not counting points outside UWSP Guild, but if anyone has any info about people that are storing bods for the festival, just let us know the amount ! And remember to continue to collects bods in next weeks !
    2) We spoke about the next event for Saturday 19th October... For this time we'll try to make Exodus all together. As you know, every player will need 3 keys (A robe of rite, exodus summoning rite,a sacrifical dagger). Then each party that will join the fight, will need one exodus summoning altar. We'll try to farm more we can so noone will be left outside but if you have time to help to get them will be wonderful. Remember keys have a timer of 7 days (so from today will be perfect farming them) and they can be got from exodus dungeon as drop from monsters inside the dungeon or they can be crafted. In case we cannot get enough will go for other bosses 
    3) Saturday 26th October there will be the Gilfane Auction !
    3) Chicken Lizard Tournament: it's time to start to train your own chichen lizard if you want join it... In next weeks we'll announce the day of the tournament, so all will have time to train their lizards. The tournament probably will be held in Ocllo Arena but we'll be more exactly when we'll post about that !
    4) If governors are interested from next meeting, they can join us for speaking about their city !

    Well this is all !! Thank you again for the fun meeting !! grouphuggrouphuggrouphuggrouphuggrouphug
    See you in game !

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