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I run a "New Player House " on Europa just south of Trinsic public gate. There are similar places on other shards..I have visited some and had visitors ower the years. Now with EJ there is a whole new situation and im trying to adapt. I look for others thoughts on this. There will be new  and returning players that pays subscription like now and new and old EJ players.  I have bookcases with very simple and short info about the things that matters first weeks (not all Europa players know English good enough to read much else..)  Teleporters, Davies Locker public and LP chests . Vendor with free stuff and free armor sets for training, good enough for hunting as well, to hand out. Crystal balls of Knowledge as the new players normally couldnt go to Ter Mur. 
  Im not in favour to spoil new players with a bunch of money or fancy stuff not really needed. The best players are often thoose that want to manage on their own . But its different from case to case and many players ower the years tells me how important the items and info was . We need all players we can get and every month of subscription counts right?
The new starter package is alot better and mostly thought trough than i had dared to hope. Exept im not sure about thet alacrity token. 
EJ players are supposed to buy stuff to help us to live longer etc I think they should buy that kit , to set them up with free stuff would contradict the meaning and we have still new players and returners on new accounts or old accounts that pays to play. Is it wrong to give thenm a hand too? I dont think so but what do you think? Also , will the EJ players have a tag telling they are? I really hope so.   
 EJ players will not be able to train on our LP chests or do they? 
  And one more thing. Why cant EJ accounts make guilds with other EJ players? Like we did in the old days, team up with other new players and go adventuring and find out things. I dont think many old veteran guilds want to recruit unknown EJ players . Reason..the feeling lots of them are not going to stay around that long , and taking in new players ower and ower is exhausting with all access quests and key hunts they need help with.  There are not so many active guilds around on most shards to split this "work" 

Sorry for long post but im concerned and hope EJ goes well for the new players the veterans and the game ive played for 18 years . 


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    I can't read all that right now, but your net toss events are always the best and I tell every new player I see to go to them if they see it going on.

    Also, you did a quick little thing for tossing gold coins in the fountain.  It was like a 5 minute thing but it was fun too.
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    Very few shards have such a nice idea ... 

    So this is a heads up to all who want to keep the new players on their shards that show up.

    Might I point out fill vendors with tools... come on the Bods give a ton good use kind  put them for a low price.. Scrolls and Books .. for necro  mage and weaver...  crafting and the bods might get a few of the kids to join in ..   Low end 70 suits... think of the cost  they only get 1k ...

    Think of this as a good way to fill up those guild roster... 

    Have your people who wish to help teach things like pvp  pvm... we may get really new to online games.

    This is just a idea ...

  • Good ideas Lady Storm. Im just so divided if the game best needs players that buy from the shop what they need for starting , or get it for free from us. What gives a staying paying player in the end? Someone that invested RL money in it, or someone that met nice generous ppl? I dont have that answer.   Its a new question now when we helpers  "compete" with our UO store and not just with the illegal gold sellers. 
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    The YCC on Pacific has the crafting workstations set up for full access and I work pretty hard to keep them charged so others can come in and work their crafting skill if they don't wanna go to the cities. I am considering opening up my huge resource stockpiles as well, but fear the abuse that may come from that. I also set up lockpicking stations which I don't see on many shards anymore. All this and more with all-access teleport to Dagger Isle (taming heaven).

    About the only thing that I see missing for new players today as opposed to new players from yore is the necessity to group up against the PvPers... which is not something that happens anymore so I don't see the need for EJ players to form their own guilds. We needed it back-then for protection against the gank-squads that plagued harvesting crafters. Part of why it took me forever to even GM lumberjacking... couldn't harvest wood without getting ganked every 10 minutes in the Yew forests. So guilds were awesome then... a bunch of crafters together with a bunch of warriors with a guild hall that served as a market. Miss those days...

    Of course, I was "young" in Sosaria back in 1997... so... that was the game for me. Today, the dangers are not the same. 

    Now, if some new EJ players wished to sally forth into Felucca, that would be a different story. But honestly, is that the reality? No. So many are still anti-Fel.
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    I do all my mining and lumberjacking in Fel.  It is just so much more efficient for time and shovels!  EJ players won't have that bonus, however, but one issue I could see them running into is how to actually gather resources for crafting because of their storage limitation.  I think beetles will be very valuable to EJ players!  So all you need now is a New Magincian house with a beetle seller out front and a house teleporter there!  :)

    Or we could set up a teleporter to one of my New Magincia houses if you are interested in something like this.
  • I was here pre Tram as well so I remember all that. If players close some accounts and convert some to EJ they will do fine on their own.  Its the new or returning ppl that has been inactive for long im thinking about. On Europa we sit at Brit bank 1 hour every night, year after year. Its a meet and greet for new and returning players . We answer questions and give a hand where its needed . 
    We always get questions how to join a guild right away. Maybe thats nessesery in games they played before? Anyhow as we are the same guild alliance most of us sitting there we just cant add that many and its hard to find another guild as most dont recruit or are active much. 

    The ones we can add come in to the game  from the wrong door I feel. They need to get help to be able to follow us to all bosses and if they are not skilled they cant even come with us for long. 

    I wish instead , now when more will join at the same time, that they were able to make their own guilds and adventure and find out things the way we did.  It was just sooo much more fun . And all EJ players will have the same situation with the same restrictions.  They miss out on the old content and instead of experience the things we did they have to read up in guides and forums and thats alot of reading. And we know how much new players like to read..

    So my wish is that EJ players were encouraged to form guilds on their own instead of being forbidden to do so. For their own fun, and to get some of the feel for UO that we old timers have. 

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    Ah the old days ... I hear you Kirthag as I too was born in UO's fel forests...  We learned how to live and work there.    These days... not so much.  my hope is the people who join us with EJ they fall for the game as we did. 

    Lower level bods give nice tools of a higher use then some they will be able to make or buy from npcs.  A good GM Tinker can make better of some and this too can be a cheap item for sale on a vendor for them too.   Bod books , spell scrolls, Rune books with a few basic runes go far to help them... even though there is a possible in game store sweet setup of armor/gold etc,,  this is a good deal but many new might not go that far at first to spend to get it.  I can tell you my tailor makes pretty good lrc numbers and with no need to powder them as they will last a few till they want a better suit ...  on the Asian shards pieces sell for 495 gold each..  we can do same.

    Perhaps a few books written by experts on skill gains , how to gain stats, Where to hunt resources and train pets.    We all know a few short cuts and ways to make gold that over the years have served us well and are legal.  

    If we can get most shards covered this way the chances of new and returning staying is much better... 

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    Also remember that EJ accounts will not have any storage...well not at first...we still don't know how much a monthly vault fee is going to be in gold so for a crafter, having a public crafting house with all the necessities would be much easier for them rather then filling up their backpack with the tools needed for their trade of choice and leaving no room for anything else, crafting items fills up your backpack rather quickly!

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    Perhaps a few books written by experts on skill gains , how to gain stats, Where to hunt resources and train pets.    We all know a few short cuts and ways to make gold that over the years have served us well and are legal.  

    Except on TC EJ characters cannot use locked down player written books.  Which means any new player/returning player centers that have player written books to guide players are useless.

    Same with bulletin boards.

    SO then the burden falls to small player bases to try to reach out with books. 

    Vendors might be a get around, but then the new/returning players would need to find the books.

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    I was speaking  of copyed books on vendors  scribes do them
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    I understand how copied books work. I was referring to how they would be disseminated in a way new players/returning players would find them.   They would have to know how to seek out the books on a particular vendor in the first place.
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    if mind you then were placed in say the same tools and armor sellers to accompany sales   might that work?
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