KUDOS for Capt Redbeard's public Corgul events on ATL

Thank you for the public Corgul runs Capt Redbeard. I have a weak Mystic/Mage character on ATL that has participated in the past couple of days in your public Corgul runs and I'm very pleased withe the full soulbinders and loot!


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    And Kudos to my fantastic guild and guildmates. :)

    Special thanks to Tec and Dave for making stuff happen. But the whole team is amazing. Corguls every night, definitely the place to be right now.

    This evening, in order, we knocked off Primevil Lich, Semidar, Charybdis, Scalis, Corgul, a Harrower, and then finally Shadowguard. All in Felucca, except Shadowguard ofc - what a beautiful team.

    And, I'm going to say Kudos to the Devs, because while I've been pvping, and hunting in Felucca nonstop over the years, and ignoring everything the Devs do as it's mostly in Trammel, and I'm currently ignoring the current event aside from just being there and having fun with my guild while they do content - the Devs have been behind my back, releasing some really cool stuff, which I've only just fully woken up to - it's coming together really well some stuff.

    Love the new Commission Style Vendors - it's forced me to look at upgrading my old style castle, which I have kept minimalist over all these years, no deco at all... to fit the new vendors in, in style.

    So I look at the new castles that are out, and I want room at the front for vendors, and I want a huge base room for workbenches + resource storage, good clean upper floors for other concepts I have (BOD Library, Forest roof garden, and a nice design.

    I find this one, nice stone structure, and complete bonus, the name is awesome. Lacrimae In Caelo - Latin for Tears in Heaven, which perfectly matches my Alea Iacta Est mage - really well done to this designer, and to the Devs, for putting this entire castle competition design thing out there, really not my thing, but I'm actually going to love the final result.

    So then of course, I'm thinking about decoration at this stage, I've not fitted out a castle ever...

    So I go browsing for the latest stuff... and I'm really pleasantly surprised by the sheer volume of useful workbenches etc out there, that somehow I'd missed half of them being introduced. Will be a huge help for my castle, and BOD collections etc.

    Enchanted Writing Desk, Alchemy Station, BBQ Smoker, Spinning Lathe, Bow Stringer and of course the Repair Bench, many useful Veteran rewards I'd not kept up with.

    Built myself a really nice PvP Dexxer, not had a Dexxer for many years now, my entire account was Mages, but with the new(ish) Macros now within Classic, I've been able to move just about all my PvP Macros back into Classic Client. Enhanced Client, UOA, both pretty much redundant, able to play my characters in a really good way and be competitive straight from Classic, that means a lot to me.

    Gone very red on a couple of characters as a result of my improved gameplay... finding it way too easy to kill people these days, my Dexxer is too easy, but whose complaining.

    So having to do a lot of VvV, to get characters blue again, to use some of the Trammel benefits - Enjoying the way Rogue-play has been improved - using the Rogue in VvV having great fun finding Sigils, doing dungeon chests, as well as the new T-Hunting set-up.

    Overall a lot of the changes the Developers have brought in over the last say 2 years have been things I have been requesting, there's been a new lease of life to my gameplay, away from just Champ Spawns and PvP. Really enjoying it - whole winter period looks set for me. :)

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    Nice post, well said. Maybe one day some or all of the rest of us can be as happy with the game as you are.
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    Please make the Grizzled Mare a 5 slot mount, it's incredibly rare and deserves it. Some of us have been waiting a long time for this simple addition.
  • These are the kinds of community building activities that I like to see. Well Done
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