Happy 22nd Birthday Ultima Online !!

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I didn't start until November of 97 but was hooked from day one. Compuserv was my first internet provider, then AoL (Goodbye) on my 19200 modem. I worked for Volkswagen/Audi test driving prototypes. We were required to follow a specific set of instructions and mileage each night on the vehicles. I learned from the other drivers to just get on I-75 and rack up the mileage really quick and then go home , they went to bed, I logged into UO, got naked and mined ore in North Minoc for hours on end until someone either killed me, or I lost connection. It's been an off and on 22yrs of fun.
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Please make the Grizzled Mare a 5 slot mount, it's incredibly rare and deserves it.


  • ...Compuserv was my first internet provider, then AoL (Goodbye) on my 19200 modem. ... It's been an off and on 22yrs of fun.

    I remember playing Diablo online where a number of us were waiting for UO to get started. Before long a big community built up on the CrossRoads message boards. Then beta...Then finally going gold!
    So funny to think about first playing on a dial up!

    Yep! Happy Birthday UO!
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    Indeed HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ultime Online !!!

    Those early nights spent awakened (and days...), playing in Sosaria, will remain in memory forever.......
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    Ahh.... I also started in Nov. 1997.... after my sis got me hooked via her account.

    Ran around ATL back then, first attempting a Tailor (and dying miserably), then moved Kirthag to Napa while Minerva stayed on Atlantic as a miner/smith.

    So much fun - such good people - most awesome memories!

    Between UO & Diablo, I switched from being a Mac geek to building frankenstein PCs just so I could play! Changed my entire career at that point.

    May Sosaria continue to grow and thrive for another 20+ years!

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