shard shield transfers and bugged transfers

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I LOST a character around the 20th, in a transfer from LA to Napa. It's been reported and escalated.

What I want to know is that, while my character is missing, can I transfer another character on that account (as all I have are shield tokens), or could that jeopardize the character in limbo (especially since the destination is the same shard I sent the missing one to)?

The original idea was to have the two meet there after transferring on consecutive days.
Character A had been sitting on ATL with 4 shard tokens to other shards, so I started him moving a few days after the publish to collect the holiday gifts from my accounts on those shards, but I forgot to bring the Atlantic token for the return (forgot the Atlantic token was in a different character's bank). He still needs to get to Napa from Baja.
Character B was on Lake Austin, where all my shards shields are (in my house). He's the missing one, and has all his usual gear, plus the tokens to come home and resupply tokens to Character A so that A can get home.
The characters were going to meet on Napa as that's the token A has (that I'd thought was Atlantic when I left Atlantic), and there aren't any open character slots on Baja where he's suck, trying to find his way home. Ironically, the reason there isn't an open slot on Baja is that I accidentally trapped ANOTHER character there last year - named SAM BECKETT.... (AL? Where are you???)

So, since 3 days have passed, should I try to send Character A to Napa to be there when Broadsword finds B - or will trying to transfer another character on the same account (with the same destination) potentially screw with the recovery of B?


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    I would err on the side of caution and delay the transfer of your character.
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    The character finally showed up last night - and the character on Baja with the missing Atlantic shard shield transfer token had that token mysteriously reappear after dying and rezzing (and, the transfer that went sideways would have never been needed had that token not disappeared in the first place).

    Originally I was just going to haul everything to Atlantic, then take it back to Lake Austin on my next shopping trip transfer to Atlantic. Now, the characters are going to just meet on Napa, the go back to LA and Atlantic.
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