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Greetings Citizens of Siege Perilous !!! It seems Scalis in last months spent much time quiet and without worrying to be slayed by the citizens of Sosaria ! So why don't get the opportunity of the new publish to try again to kill him all together?
Saturday 28th September, 2019 at 3PM EST (8PM UK) in New Magincia Dock we'll toss more white nets possible to kill multiple time this boss !
The event it's open to all and as usually i ask to avoid any personal war for the during of the event ! But at the same time, don't bring with you anything that you can't lose because blood is the favourites color of Siege !!
A special thank you to Lady Chargar for the donation of white nets for this public event !
I wait you all at New Magincia !!! Let's show him that Siege is not a land for such kind of monsters !!!! 


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    Tomorrow !! We have 50 white nets (thank you to GIL donations) to use so be ready for killing many times Scalis !! 
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    Thank you all for the fun ! Was a nice event and also if we finish a bit too early i think was a good event ! I hope we can make it again and again ! See people all together fighting it's nice !!! 

    Thank you all !!!

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