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what is the ratio for creating a soulbinder supposed to be? I thought it was 1 ethereal sand 5 sand, well if it is it isnt accurate sometimes it takes 2 ethereal sand per sometimes it takes 8 ethereal sand per and any random number in between, I havent been watching the normal sand to see how much it goes down by but the ethereal sand is a totally random number per bottle

Edit it uses as much as 20 sand per attempt as well


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    Look at the crafting menu to see how much is required to make one. Without a glassblowing talisman the success rate is 10%. You are losing 7 to 8 sand per fail. 
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    Just did a round of crafting soul binders with no glassblowing talisman (wish I had one)
    100 attempts used 867 regular sand and 229 ethereal sand to make 11 soul binders.
    Which comes to an average of 7.25 regular sand and 2 ethereal sand lost per failure.

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    At 10% no talis you can figure on a average of 12-14 made per 1000 normal sand.   +10 tally 24-24 per 1000 sand   +20 tali 36-42  That is what I have been averaging it does vary one  run on 1000 sand at 10% made a whopping 7  another run made 21  so you can have really good runs and really bad runs the way the checks work.  Even with a +20 tali (Best I have on one shard)  you can have really REALLY bad runs.  AS far as losses I just figure it as 8 normal/2 ether for guessing what I will make on a run based on averages.  What sucks is after mining 10k sand to have ten really bad runs in a row and less than 80 binders for the effort.
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