Missing character after transfer

Good evening. On August 26th I transferred my character from ches to Atlantic and it has vanished.  I paged a GM the first day and received a ticket# 9223226.  Since that day, I have not gotten any response to my numerous pages to a GM.  I was transferring items for my guild and now we all suffer with the uncertainty of ever seeing the character of items again.   Today I paged for a gm and have waited since 12:00pm CST with not even an automated response back.  Is there any chance of me seeing this character again? 


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    one of my guild mates transferred to Atlantic and the next day did a transfer back to Sonoma. The character disappeared. He reported it, just like you did. That was about two weeks ago and he just got his character back today but had some missing items
  • Over the last few days I’ve brought my laptop to work in order to page and wait for a Gm to respond. I have not gotten any response from my pages. I would really like an answer about my missing character.  Is there a number I can call? Who was my ticket filed with? I try to be patient but I wish I could at least get a response.
  • I just received an email that my character has been found and restored. I’m not able to log in at the moment to confirm but I wanted to thank everyone involved for their help. 
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    Ironically I LOST a character around the 20th. 

    What I want to know is that, while my character is missing (And the report has been escalated), can I transfer another character on that account (as all I have are shield tokens), or could that jeopardize the character in limbo (especially since the destination is the same shard I sent the missing one to?

    The original idea was to have them meet there after transferring on consecutive days (one had been sitting on ATL with some of my extra tokens to collect the holiday gifts from my accounts, but I forgot to bring the Atlantic token for the return - the other is on the shard with the shields). swap some stuff, then the one from Atlantic would go back to Atlantic empty, while the one bringing the Atlantic token to him would carry all my holiday stuff from 5 shards back to LA.

    The Atlantic character, currently stuck on Baja, and waiting for the go-ahead to jump to Napa, has the gifts from Atlantic, either Legends or LS (forget which), Drachanfels and Baja aboard. He's safe, but there was no slot open on Baja to send the LA character to, while I needed to pick up at Napa and there's two open slots there.
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