Yew gate heist settled, all 17 items item returned for 400 mil gold, (discusion attached)

  • GatsbyGatsby 8:20PM
    what wouldn't you want for returning my studff

  • GatsbyGatsby 8:21PM
    And well done again... was moving my stuff out of the house and made a rookie mistake. 

  • jazz_handsjazz_hands 8:56PM
    what do you think is fair
  • GatsbyGatsby 9:02PM
    if you haven't sold anything yet ill give you 500 mil for everything back

  • jazz_handsjazz_hands 9:06PM
    its a deal, I havent sold anything
I only took 400 mil because he was such a great guy about it, because it's never really about the gold


  • PawainPawain Posts: 6,031
    Buy me a nice untrained Bane with that Booty!  Congrats
  • At the trade he said he was rebuilding his house and unsecured the stuff and put it in his pack without insuring it
  • TyrathTyrath Posts: 380
     Maybe it happened, Maybe it didn't.......... All I am going to say is the whole story has a strong odor of BS around it for many very obvious reasons.  If it did happen congrats on finding a rich guy that is also one of the dumbest players I have ever heard of.
  • ya no one cares or believes you.

    No one plays a thief in felucca to start and second no one would let you steal 17 valuable items.
  • MariahMariah Posts: 2,078Moderator
    Take this to pm.
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