Theifs big heist haul list

I got a book of all the stuff this theif pulled out of a poach inside a pack at Atlantic Yew gate yesterday  from Kygo at Blackbeards Auction house

2- mask of Ankur

1- spellblade of Slaughter Splinter wep 30%, Hit lightning 50%, Spell Channeling, Mage Wep -20, fire Elemne slayer, Faster casting -1, DI 50%, Chaos Damabe 70%

 1- Bracelet, Fencing +20  Dex 8 Int. 8 Stam 4 mana inc 4 enhance pots 25% Defence chance increase 20% SDI 15%, Swing speed 10%

1-Leaf Tunic (orange) - Brittle Kinetic Eater 12% int 8  mana 8  Mana regen 3  luck 100 LMC 8% resists 2-18-2-19-4  lower req 70%

1- leaf tunic similar to above

1 - (Blue) Magical Holding Chamber (rare)

1- Hide Pauldrons - Str 4  HPI 7  stam 10 Mana Increase 8  HP regen 3 Stam regen 1 reflect damage 10% Hit chance 4% Defense chance 5%  resists 18-18-24-23-17

1- enchanted Kelp woven leggins - Casting focus 4%  HPI 5 Mana 8  SDI 8%  lower reagent 15% resists 5-13-12-8 14

1- leaf leggings (orange) Fire eat 12% Dex4  casting focus 2% HPI 5  mana 8  HP regen 1  Mana regen 1  reflect damage 15%  Hit chance 3%  LMC 8% resists  22-23-17-24-19

1 - arcane Bone Helmet  dex 3 int 2 stam 10 mana 8  stam regen 3  mana regen 4  lmc 2% LRC  5% resists18-18-19-2-19

1- Arcane Shield

1 - Leaf gorget -  Energy eater 12% cast focus 2%  str 5 int 4 stam 8 mana 8 hpi 4 luck 100 lrc 20% resists 20-17-18-2-4-4

1 - scarcrow

1 shroud of the condemned

1- Maritime trade cargo - Glassware

and a few other armor parts


  • This was a straight snoop- steal I watched it, happen
  • Nicely done. My best steals were all done at Atlantic Yew gate. Most would be surprised at what can be stolen there. It's truly a game of patience and few are cut out for it.

    I'm not sure who would let a thief take that much stuff piece by piece like that without noticing but stranger things have happened. I suppose there might be some who wouldn't know they are being stolen from as it happens so infrequently.
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    So i take it this "Kygo"  isn't aware a Thief can rob him blind in Felucca f it isn't insured or blessed?  or should i say, Wasn't

    A Goblin, a Gargoyle, and a Drow walk into a bar . . .

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    So i take it this "Kygo"  isn't aware a Thief can rob him blind in Felucca f it isn't insured or blessed?  or should i say, Wasn't

    Must not have been. Even if Kygo was AFK, the cool down on stealing is 10 seconds. It would have taken at least a couple of minutes to do. And the thief would have flagged grey at least once so unless there was nobody else there, someone would have chased him. This is the kind of haul a thief only dreams about or acquires through looting. Makes me question if this really happened.
  • Oh it happened, I was there, The 2 masks were taken first and when they were secure, then the blade and bracelet, after that I( yes it was me) just went for it and cleaned him out, alot of stuff I could not get was worth even more. Afterward I asked him if he was missing something, and he said what happened. anyone interested in anything hit me up or see Fred at yew gate, my theif is Rusty Buttons.
    I was always planning on coming clean, but was waiting for Kygo to negotiate, gues he wasn't interested .

    Big Kiss from Fred Baby!!
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    Love It! That other post said the stuff was worth a lot. You stole his crappy armor, deco items, and the lucrative kelp woven leggings. 

  • Ha! yea those 2 masks of Khal Ankur that bracelet and 25 mil arms are just crap lmao. Please uninsure you Mask of Khal and come to the gate. Oh I was offered 100 mil for the deco crap chamber LMAO
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    This thread is redundant.
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