EC 'BOOK' fix... not.

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Hi I asked about a fix for the fact that you cannot read ec books and cc books the same, nor can you cut and paste into the ec books as you could always do the cc books back about 10 yrs ago when SA first came out.  I then asked about a fix for it often over the years until at the march m&g on oceania I asked again and Mesanna said the fix would come in pub 105, which it didn't so i was surprised to see it on this latest publish notes gone to Origin etc. 

So I dashed to the TC to check it out as FINALLY I would be able to use the books the same.  So I thought.


Not sure what the 'fix' was but  you still cannot copy and paste into an EC book.  When you are trying to do a player run event or something, rules or instructions, you usually type into a text or word doc then copy to an in game book, it works fine in cc but always bugged out in the EC and wouldn't copy so you would need to type it all manually page by page, so basically this is a fail. It is still a fail as EC books will still not copy anything after the first page.

This is a sample of how the same text 'copies' and 'pastes' into an EC/CC book.  EC is the top, CC is the bottom.

AS you can see, yet again the text does NOT copy into an EC book other than the first few lines.  The same text was copied by Allen into the CC and it copied the whole lot.  

You should be able to copy enough text to fill a 20 page book in ONE paste.  

Having waited well over ten years for a fix this is a total disappointment. 

Any chance of this ever getting fixed?  I used to be able to copy text into a book then just target the next book and the next etc to produce the same book text across 20 or more books, just by hitting cntrl V to paste.  YOu cannot expect people to type mini pages manually to fill a book in the EC.

This is NOT fixed :( @Kyronix @Bleak

Cheers MissE

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  • Check back in ten more years...
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    Just make one book and copy the book using the ingame skill.

    We have been begging for this fix ever since the day EC came out, and am thrilled it is finally here. It is not perfect, but it is a far cry better than what we had before. I poked and prodded a bit, and was not able to get EC client viewing a CC written book (or reverse) to screw each other up - but I am going to do some more poking. There are some spacing differences, but the Devs are aware of it and even if it never changes I can work with this. I am very happy.

    EC / CC comparison:

    I was hoping the change of font would let me use special characters in EC, but it is only a partial change. Can this code be applied to the title on the outside view of the book? And, while you are digging around in that neighborhood of the code... maybe peek at the text code for engraved gear, distilled booze, and pet branding? The special characters show in CC for all of those things, but not EC.

    EC / CC comparison:

    Thanks you so much, Devs, I somehow missed this part of the patch notes until now. I am gonna poke around with the loading of house contents now.
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    Unless you can copy and paste from a word or notepad doc into a book it is a fail. Sorry, being able to do special chars wasn't the issue. The main issue was not being able to actually read a book from one client to the next and the inability to copy and paste.

    I do NOT want to have to type 20 pages of text, especially when you look at the example posted showing how in the EC book you get half the characters per page than you do in the CC.  Not when I have the text already written and proof read in a doc.

    Having waited 10 years for this this is NOT a fix.  It is of no use to anyone who produces books in quantity that need to be typed in the EC. 

    Why are people so quick to 'pass' this off as a fix.  It is NOT.  OK you like the abiliity to make a star, I would like the ability to actually write a darn book. 

    Cheers MissE

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    Thank you for your feedback. There are several limitations that the EC has when handling book text versus how the CC handles book text. One of the main hurdles for the EC is text formatting in general. The latest update corrected the main issue which was that books written in the EC where not legible in the CC. When It comes to pasting text in the EC books the page needs to determine how much text can fit on a line based on the character size of the font. If you paste on a blank page it uses a default line length based on the widest characters possible to ensure all pasted text is visible. After the first line of text is present the page should be able to fill the remainder of the page when pasting. We may look into improving paste for one page in the future. Being able to paste to multiple pages in a book is not currently possible in the EC. Is there a reason you don't use Inscription to copy the first book you make into new books?
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    Generally it was due to the fact that typing those pages was useless before.   As when you did type them then open the book they would all be gone and of course if you opened the book in the other client it was illegible. 

    So it seems that now you can copy part of one page.  If that is all it is really disappointing.  It means instead of typing in a real document (word/notepad) and then doing one copy paste, you have to work out how many characters are gonna fit on a page, and do each page separately. Sure it can be done.  But it is not ideal.  Just takes a lot of extra time.

    I guess when you are in the habit of nearly filling a book with auction list items or giving instructions on quests etc doing it half a page at a time is time consuming. It is different  if you type a book once in a blue moon, but if you are doing a lot of books as I do it is just a pain.

    Now you can read em in the EC/CC I guess i will download the CC again (not what i really wanted to do) and make the book in that client.  I will need to test to see if I copy a book by copy paste in the CC will i see the same amount in the EC? 

    But looking at that example above, a fully typed book in the CC will mabye be missing half the text in the EC as it won't fit the same amount of char on a page, so if typed in the CC will EC readers miss half the text?

    Cheers MissE

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    Using copy/paste would mean that you have to 2click the book to open it, click the title area, then paste in the title for all your books. Then, 2 click every book AGAIN, click the text area, and paste in the contents. In game skill is much more efficient, as it will copy both title and contents by clicking skill, target main book, target blank book - and there is no cool down on using the skill. You do not need much scribe skill to never fail.

    This is already live on my home shard, so I ran around viewing already-made books (most of them were made in CC) and the spacing has caused a few hiccups. They are still legible, however, and now all the EC-made books can be viewed in CC. Again, not perfect but this is WAY better than before.
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    Ok, I see your point now - the FIRST book is still a pain. I am used to doing this in CC though, as copying into an EC book never worked well for me anyway even before now. Cuz if I did the book in EC, CC people could not read it, so there was just never any point in making the original book in EC. There still is not any point, so I do get that. Still cannot change the author in EC, that was a bit disappointing. None of these are new issues, however, and I can work with them by using CC. And EC books retained the ability for super long titles - yay.

    Even so, this is WAY BETTER than before, this is not a fail. It just... is not perfect.
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    Is there any chance of the special characters being usable in EC? I know there are a lot of actually game-changing bugs that need attention, so I understand that this is not exactly a top priority. But there are a lot of fun things to be done with them in terms of engraving gear, pets, distilled bottles, and other things that EC users are really missing out on. This does already work in CC, so the game CAN do it... it is an EC issue. Thanks for your time!
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    I'd like to point out that if you use enter to go into a new line in a book the caret (the blinky | ) won't follow and you don't know where you are and the same happen if you use the arrows (especially in the chat line). This used to work before the new changes :tongue:
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    That seems to also be an issue with the EC chat line. If I am typing something, and use the mouse to go back to correct something, does not work properly any more. It used to work. Wonder if the two are related issues somehow?
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