Greeting Citizens of Siege Perilous !!

As tradition of last years, the UWSP guild invite all of you in our town SATURDAY, 21 September,2019 at 8PM UK (3PM EST) for our 6th Medieval Festival and to celebrate the beginning of Fall Season !
As always the Festival is opened to all kind of players: Blue, Red, Yellow, Grey, Orcs, Savages, Goblins and all other creatures of our lands that will want join us !
Being an event for having fun all together, i ask to all partecipants to keep their personal wars outside the town for the during of the event (if you want fight this festival we'll give you many opportunity to do that !!). And don't bring with you anything that you cannot afford to lose. Everything will be provided by our guild !

This is the schedule of the event:

8PM UK (3PM EST): meeting at UWSP Town in front of our tavern for a little party to celebrate the opening of the festival and the Fall Season ! There will be as usually a lot of boozes and foods for all !

8.15PM UK (3.15PM EST): 3rd Medieval Tournament for Knights of Siege Perilous !

At the end of the Knights Tournament: 4th Medieval Tournament for Archers of Siege Perilous !

At the end of the Archers Tournament: 3rd Medieval Pet Tournament for Tamers of Siege Perilous !

At the end of the Pets Tournaments: a party to celebrate the closing of the festival !!

We wait you all in our town for having fun all together !!!


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    Here you'll find rules for each tourmanent:


    1. The 2 opponents will wear only a FULL GM DULL COPPER PLATE ARMOR without any stat or imbuing. (UWSP will provide it). A metallic dye tub will be provide to dye the set.
    2. Potions, Bandages, Spells, Petals, Jewerly and Talismans are forbidden.
    3. Each knight will use a GM IRON/DULL COPPER Lance Use Best Weapon skills (UWSP will provide it ) and a GM Dull Copper Heather Shield (you can fight without it if you want)
    4. Each knight will mount a simply horse (if you can't afford one UWSP will provide it)
    5. Each knight will wear a colored cloack (without Stats)

    The fight will be in 3 round:

    1. the opponent will run to the opponent with only dismount special moves actived till the other side. Change of direction and things like that are forbidden (we'll try to follow the old rules of medieval festivals)
    2. Who dismount his oppenent will get 1 point.
    3. If all 2 are dismounted it's 0 point.
    4. If noone is dismounted it's 0 point.
    5. If after the 3 round the opponents have the same point they'll fight on foot. In this case same rules of before ((so potions,bandages,spell,petals, Jewerly and Talismans are Forbidden) with only a change:
    The 2 opponents will announce what kind of weapon they'll use (weapon+shield, 2hands) and must be only GM IRON without any stat or imbuing. (weapon with poison or special move that poison are FORBIDDEN).

    There will be only 1 round without mounts, so fight with all your ability and tactics (and remember that heal yourself is forbidden p)

    As all know i don't like see people die so i hope the 2 opponents will have the ability to know when surrender but in case one of the 2 oppenents will die NOONE have to give a murder count to the opponents !

    Break these rules will lead to disqualification.

    (remember that Use Best Weapon works only with Fencing, Mace and Sword skills)


    1stprize3rdknighttournamentJPG 2ndprizejpg 3rdprizejpg


    1. Each Partecipant will wear only a Gm Normal Leather Full Set Studded Armor with no property imbued on it (it's only for the Medieval Theme p). Arms lore bonus is allowed. UWSP guild will provide you one .
      • Each Partecipant will use as weapon a Gm Composite bow or Soul Glaive in normal wood/iron. No property imbued,arms lore bonus is allowed and UWSP guild will provide it (there will be also some -mage weapon of those kind if some caster will want join the tournament)
      • Potions, Bandages, Spells, Petals, Jewerly and Talismans are forbidden 
      • You are free to wear a clock and a hat without property to make a your own look 
    The race will works in this way:

    1. Each partecipant will have only 3 hit (so only 3 arrows).
      • The first 2 hit will have as target an Archery Butte. Each hit will be count as score point.
      • The third hit will have as target a player: Me. I'll wear a FULL GM DULL COPPER PLATE SET. The amount of damage that i'll take with this hit will be count as score point. And this hit will be worth double.
      • The Player with the highest sum of points after 3 hit will win the tournament.
      • Special Moves are forbidden.
    Now a little explanation about the living target. Reading on some forum about Archery Butte, many people say that it doesn't make a check of you skills. ( i tried with 0 archery and i got with 3 hit 0, 8 and 10). So your score depend as much on luck than skills. But with a living target, skills are checked so adding the 3rd hit score points we'll give us a more right list of Player's ability 


    1stprize4tharchertournamentJPG 2ndprizejpg 3rdprizejpg


    1. Each Partecipant can wear everything they want because only pets will fight
    2. Each Partecipant can bring with him 2 pet (if they are all 5 slot, just tell me which pets you'll bring before starting the event. No change of pets is allowed after the start of the event so choice careful which pet do you want bring)
    3. Will be forbidden heal with spell, bandages your pets (also precast on them a spell is forbidden)
    4. Will be forbidden use all taming masteries !
    5. Tasty treat are forbidden
    The race will work in this way:
    1. Each fight will be between the pets of 2 partecipants. Before the fight each one can choice between 1 of the 2 pets that he/she will bring with him if they are all 5 slot. Instead if the 2 pets that the person will bring can fight together because they aren't 5 slot, that is allowed (so you can try to find the best combo possible if you think it's better than a 5 slot)
    2. Each fight will finish when one of the pet is dead (or 2 in case of 2 pets together) or when one of the partecipants will ask to stop the fight.
    3. Each partecipants can change the pet for each fight but remember that only the 2 that you'll announce before the beginning of tournament are allowed.

    1stprize3rdpettournamentJPG 2ndprizejpg 3rdprizejpg

    See you all in our town for the festival !!!dancebdancebdancebdancebdancebdancebdancebdancebdanceb
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    Thank you all for joining !! Was a very funny festival !!

    Here there are the winner of tournaments:

    Knights :

    1st  Place Lord Creeger
    2nd Place Lady Bourne Killa
    3rd Place Lord Half-Life


    1st Place  Lord Creeger
    2nd Place Lady Tanager
    3rd Place Lady Mia Khalifa


    1st Place Lord Calavera
    2nd Place Lord Ol'rac
    3rd Place Lady Tanager 

    Thank you all !!! dancebdancebdancebdancebdanceb
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