Is my character Blind?

Okay returning player after 10+ years, started a mage, got him up, magery is at 115. now, I track my spell casts and to see how many fail, and out of 150 casts of specifically summoning spells (mainly energy vortex) now not only have %30 of the casts fizzled, and the rest could not be cast because the tile next to me cannot be seen. Turns out I managed a total of 25 completed summons.... it seems to happen more in Malas, Lost Lands ETC. I don't mind failing the cast, but when my char cant see the square next to him...…. its like every single fight im just looking for a piece of dirt that isn't bugged to click on. …. is it the EC? 


  • TanagerTanager Posts: 634
    The ground is uneven.

    Uneven ground is much more noticeable in CC because EC blurs it. I like how it looks in EC (more natural imo, cuz real world does not have a sharp black outline around everything) but the client does make it more challenging to tell if you are standing in a little dip in the ground, especially grassy terrain. You just have to learn the area, make sure you are standing on a little bump so that you can ''see'' everything around you. If you are in a forested area, the trees will block line of sight, and you have to be careful not to click a leafy bit - the game won't cast under that.
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