Howdy Siege Perilous's Citizens ! A couple of month ago we started a project in UWSP Town: the Consulate House for Guild !... The purpose of the Consulate is giving a place to all guilds that are interested to recruit players and to held a monthly meeting with all guilds interested to speak about problems of the server and how to fix that, and also to organize event that can be interesting for all the shard.
So here we are at the first of this meeting. All guild are invited to join in the meeting and if interested they can also get a room in the house for advertising their guild.
As usually i suggest to don't bring anything fancy with you but i ask also to all guilds that will join to respect this house as a neutral place. The purpose of the house is helping the shard so we can avoid to splatter the walls with bloods for a bit of time right? p
So i wait all you Saturday 14th September 2019, at the Consulate House (is the one in front of the UWSP Market) at 8PM UK - 3PM EST !
Let's work all together to make our shard more wonderful !!!

Magichands !

P.S. If anyone is interested to have info about the house this is the link with all infos:


  • Thank you all people that joined the meeting ! Was a nice meeting and we discussed about some important things.


    1) In next days you'll find on the forum a post about the Artisan Festival that we'll try to keep updated with all points we have, what resources we need in a moment and thing like that dancebdanceb
    2) If people has crafters, it's the moment to start to collect bods for the festival (if you are not doing already that )
    3) Probably 28th September there will be a public Scalis hunt ! We'll toss many white nets the New Magincia Dock ! A post for that hunt will follow in next days !
    4) We discussed about making a Scavanger Hunt... Can be very interesting so we'll see in next weeks if we can do something D
    5) We discussed about making a Chicken Lizard League if people are interested p

    I reminds to all guilds that we have still room in the consulate if they want open a embassy for advertising their guild. Just contact me D

    Thank you all again for joining ! See you all next week for the 6h UWSP Town Medieval Festival ! grouphuggrouphuggrouphuggrouphug
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