Bracelets of Binding

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Not sure if this is a bug, or an omitted game design. Player a is on a ship, both a and b have bracelets, the ships security settings are good yet player b can not bind to player a. They receive the message that should only be for locations that can't be recalled into as I believe was the idea. However you can absolutely recall/sj/gate onto a ship. Can this be fixed, or explained as to why it's not allowed ? 

This is from archives.

Bracelets can be bound together in pairs. Double clicking one bracelet while it is being worn will transport the wearer to the location of the person wearing the second bracelet, with some restrictions. The Bracelet is charged by powder of translocation and can hold up to 999 charges.

This is from a 3rd party page, wasn't sure it was ok to name it or not.

To use them you must set a pair up. Both must be on a player and are tested as a recall spell to the other bracelet. Normal recall rules apply - if you cant cast recall or recall to your target then you cant use it. You also cant use it if they are not on your bracelet slot. The bracelet cannot be used if a player is standing in a player home. You can "inscribe" a custom message on the bracelet by using the context menu.

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