CC Client Crash upon login for certain chars (p106 release 1). Fixed at release 2

RadstRadst Posts: 98
When p106 release-1 went live, it somehow would instantly crash my client upon login (and always certain shards and chars). It was very frustrating and I heard no one talking about it. It was not the char folder issue, either. And I was about to re-install UO.

And now with release-2 gone live, the problem obviously went away.

Still, can the dev team give some notion as to why it occurred?


  • BasaraBasara Posts: 163
    edited September 2019
    I'm currently having an issue where ONE of my four accounts is crashing my client (locks up) when I attempt to log into it, starting in the last 48 hours. 

    I can log into the account with a different computer.

    With the affected computer, this lock-up occurs with or without UOAssist, and even after a complete file check and uninstall/reinstall.

    It appears that it might be an issue where OneDrive has taken it on itself to store the info on the cloud, instead of leaving it ON THE PC, obsensibly as a space saving measure, but instead screwing up client operation. I had restarted OneDrive yesterday for the first time in months to retrieve a backup stored there, and that's when it appears to have happened, but ONLY effected parts of one account's User Data (and my most used character on that account, the most of those).

    After changing the onedrive settings for the folder, after seeing it different there, I can log in with it again.
  • GemGem Posts: 37
    I am experiencing this MORE since downloading the new patch the other day. Frustrating!
  • RadstRadst Posts: 98
    My issue is still here, and sounds very much like Basara's. Some of my chars (certain account, certain chars) would lock up and crash upon login BUT only with PC-1. I can login fine with PC-2.

    And doesn't matter if I launch CC with/without UOA, or just with Client.exe, it will crash.

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