In-game Auction House (Replace individual vendors)

The vendor search function is great, I only suggest we add the ability to buy and sell from the same menu rather than having to rent individual vendors. 

A standard fee could be "taxed" from each item sold rather than paying for upkeep, or a tiered fee for number of days the item is posted.

It would not only add convenience but would also cut down on trade spam in global chat, houses used solely as malls which are arguably an eye sore, and possibly even server load from having less physical vendors. 

Mostly it would just add convenience; UO added global chat channels and the vendor search since the last time I played and those features significantly impacted my decision to sub and start playing again. A server wide or even cross server auction house would be an asset to the game, improve QoL, and modernize UO in a very small but significant way that could attract new players. 

I started this game when I was about 12 and haven't played for nearly 2 decades; adding small features like global chat, vendor search, and hopefully one day in-game auction houses to replace physical vendors is what will keep this game alive and attract new players well into the future. 
  1. Add an in-game "Auction House" (ability to buy/sell from vendor search menu)3 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Yes; but also make it a cross-shard based "Auction house" (to ease playing on less pop. shards)
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