Idea for Blackthorn Dungeon Fix

How about instead of having the city areas in the back of the dungeon and the poison prison, we have a captain spawn after so many kills of other stuff in there.  Basically if someone is in killing the mages after 40-50 mage kills a captain spawns in that room with them and they would have to kill it to reset the mage spawn.  This would keep the captains relevant and also keep people from afking the rooms.  Its same idea that like old haven has where after you kill so many undead the defiler spawns.  Then they could even add something like after so many captains are killed the lighthouse appears in the circular room near the entrance and people could kill it for bonus drops and it would be like a fun pvp spot as well on fel side like the harrower.   @Mesanna @Kyronix @Bleak


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    I was thinking the same thing yesterday when I was killing the mages.
    but I also noticed, that at a certain point, there was one mage that was a lil harder to kill.
    Every time the harder mages were killed, there was either a stash or supply map on them.
    the whole time I was down there, I ended up with maybe 40 to 50 maps, but only 3 drops. 
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    that would be a good option.

    another would be to remove the minax items spawning on low level mobs entirely.

    all i know is that the captains were alot of fun, challenging.  i made a whole suit just to farm them.  but since its been scripted 24/7 by noob afk characters the captains basically arent worth the doing.

    i like a challenge, but also like to be rewarded for a challenge.  why bother when you can buy off a scripter vendor for 300k each?

    i do think this idea would cut back on the afk farming.  yes technically a captain could be easily killed by multiple afk scripters cross healing, however would also need decent gear and skills.  i dont think people would risk losing that much on an endless journey account considering its instant ban no warning if cuaght.
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    Smoot said:why bother when you can buy off a scripter vendor for 300k each?
    You're arguing to different topics here: scripting vs economy.

    Economy, and that can be said about anything in the game, scripter or no scripter. If one activity you do generates vastly more wealth then another activity, you obviously you'll do the one that generates the most wealth and use it to purchase stuff that is either not worth your time (because you make more doing your other activity) or expensive (like a rare or expensive artifact). This is how life and any other mmo works that has an economy. This is quite irrelevant.

    In a real life example, just because you eat hamburgers, most people wouldn't apply to McDonald's just to eat them. Rational human beings would work a job that pays [vastly] more and use it to purchase.

    @Bleak @Mesanna @Kyronix ; need to read this:

    I'll propose a simple idea: the problem isn't the dungeon. There's nothing wrong with it, how it works, or how the drops work. If you remove drops from low level monsters then scripters WILL adapt and kill harder stuff (captains) that have a exponentially higher chance to drop even more artifacts. Now you're back at square one, or worse, giving them more drops. Changing this would do ZERO good.

    Don't believe me? If what you're saying is true about it's being massively scripted (it's not, read below I address this) remember when the anti afk system was implemented in blkthorns dungeon? And see how much good it does? These bots will adapt + overcome.

    As a quick side note: the majority of these artifacts are either: A.) free from VvV system or B.) original variations of the artifacts (mace and shield, basillisk hide tunic, navry glasses, shroud of the condemned, cloak of life, etc etc) were cheap (<10m) on vendor search BEFORE the dungeon ever existed and still are. No big loss... however, VvV items, that are FREE are a MUCH LARGER PROBLEM!

    Scripting is the real problem. It has been in the game long enough and nothing has been done. Just look at EM events when there are a handful of players that 'play' 14+ characters. You'll see that if scripting disappeared so would this issue along with many others.

    I don't see the scripted 24/7 part. I've visited the dungeon, and outside of USA prime, it's a ghost town and there's NO ONE down there across 12 USA and 2 EU shards in tram OR fel. You may find 1-2 players during prime time hours but that's expected. Assuming that they're AFK bots ... why not just report them? Likely, because you're trying to spin a narrative that's untrue and they're not actually 'afk 24/7 bots', lol. Perhaps it's the Asian shards that are the problem? No idea. Go check and let me know.

    There are much large issues to address *cough* VvV artifacts *cough*. Some players getting artifacts in an alternative way than their ML counterparts in blackthorns dungeon? Why bother with either way when you can get them for FREE & INSTANTLY through VvV!
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  • Make the minax artifacts cursed so when I kill the botsdown there I get more than a bag of sending.
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    captains are hard enough that they most likely wouldnt be scripted by endless journey characters.  need significant gear, skills, scrolls.  not many would risk that to an instant ban for afk scripting.

    people would be much less likely to afk script them because theyd be risking main accounts, or risk instantly losing the relatively high amount of power scrolls / gear invested into characters being able to kill the captains.
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