tattered wall maps

not sure if this has been covered yet or not but i did have a thought when putting away my completed maps.
the tattered wall map is still requiring the same level of maps and with the change that means level 4 and 5 maps as well which is going to make it super hard to make those or even impossible to do so via solo treasure hunting.

is this intended or a simple oversight at this point


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    Actually, it's not. Trove maps are a lot more common in Hoard chests than 7s ever were in 6s. I have completed 3 tattered maps since the publish went live and am a good way to the 4th, and at that I haven't saved anywhere near as many maps as I've dug.
  • this question was based upon the difficulty of soloing the lvl 4 and 5 maps not so much the commonality of the maps
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    If you could solo the maps before, you can now. I can, and have. I even made a video to show how I did it, google for my youtube channel.

    Keep in mind that Frost dragons, though annoying, are not [guardian]. You can lure them off and they won't bounce back.  I usually lure them to a location where they won't cause any passing player a problem, finish the map, then go back to the location with a different character. The last one I dug up is now on my tamer's Magincia stall, the one before that I killed with one of her 5 slot pets.
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    When tattered wall maps were first added level 5 was the highest there was, and they were hard, even groups could get wiped out sometimes, but as characters have become stronger, and more powerfully equipped, the level 5 became quite easy. Re-setting the tattered wall map to again require the highest level of map is simply re-setting that initial skill difficulty.
  • i have never had trouble with lvl 5 treasure maps but that was before they added the lvl 6 and 7.  I have never tried to solo anything above a lvl 6 and got kicked all over the map so never tried anything that high or above out side a group.  and they stated that the maps are now set to where 1-3 is solo and 4-5 are group.  that was what i was going on with this.

    it also makes me couscous about the doom room.  they dropped lvl 1-3 so now is it just lvl 1-2 or guess 1-1 1/2 lvl maps or has that changed as well havent had a chance to check that yet.
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