Welcome To Baja!

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*as you open the door, you are met with a blinding white light. As you attempt to regain your senses, you hear the sounds of people talking... laughter... mugs clanking... Your vision slowly returns, and you are met by a hooded-robed stranger* 

He points to a bookshelf across the room and says:

"Those are the stories that have already been told."

He then sets a large book in front of you. As you look through it, you notice the pages are all blank... 

"These are the stories yet to be told..." 


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  • *pees on yoos shoes and runs away*
    It's a dog-eat-dog world and I'm wearing Milkbone boxers
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    Well said :) 
    Die Lots!!
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    Hello ! My hope is all the old players come back to baja ! Come on everyone from Dawn and Dark Tower , LOD, LOTD, Haven the old Haven....in fel where the Reds could come play. I miss all of you dearly!

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    Hey I am back on UO and choose Baja. But it seams to be a waist land. Where are the groups, guilds, players or did I choose a shard that is all but abandoned.
    Anyway if you  have an active PVM guild Shane is looking for some company.
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    wow no one respond

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    edited March 2018
    Go into Gen Chat and give a shout out.  What time are you logging on?
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