The Investigation of Smuggling out of Minoc

The Investigation of Smuggling out of Minoc

*The Royal Britannian Guards reported for duty.*
Gwendolen Kincade:  *smiles at everyone* Does anyone have anything to report?

*a few remarks concerning last weeks*

Gwendolen Kincade: Tonight, we have a different mission.  It's related to the discoveries you all made last Tuesday though.  Since then, our alchemist have removed the blood splotches from the books you recovered.  From the books, we have learned that there may be some smuggling, being conducted from the Fellowship House in Minoc. I would like you to raid the Minoc Fellowship house tonight.

Martyna Z'muir: I'd say that was shocking, but....
maints magic: oh
Gwendolen Kincade: *smiles*
Vixen: The Fellowship will have scapegoats ready to fall I assume.
Gwendolen Kincade: It will be a surprise, so we're hoping we can get the leaders.
Vixen: nice

Gwendolen Kincade: Are there any questions?
*Questions?   What does one wear on a Raid of the Fellowship?*

Gwendolen Kincade: I'll gate you.

*Gating to the Fellowship Minoc house was a shock for those there*
You see:  Elynor 
Elynor:  Welcome to the Fellowship Branch of Minoc!
*You could see the flashing look of concern across her face as so many RBG members standing before her*
Elynor:  Can I help you? *she asked*  Please tell me what brings you here.
Deavous: `this is a raid
maints magic: I think we will help ourselves  but thanks
Vixen: Large foot print out back *hint*
Elynor: I must ask that you speak with me.
maints magic: We just want to look in your house  no worries.

Elynor: I am responsible here.
Elynor: Please stay away from the Fellowship property!
Stilgar: selflessness, brotherly love, forgot the third one
DJ Sandman: *sniffs footprint*
Elynor: A raid? Really?

maints magic: *slaps cuffs on wrists*

Vixen:  I think not today that foot print is coming here.
Elynor: I believe the town guard will have something to say about jurisdiction.
*Most of the RBG had to smile/smirk on that comment*
Biscuit Kreuger: see if we care

Elynor:  We have close personal ties with this town and people. 
Vixen: pretty sure the guards you will call are in your pocket book
Biscuit Kreuger: yeah paying off guards to look the other way
Stewart Little: who is doing the smuggling
Elynor: I'm sure this misunderstanding can be handled quietly.

maints magic: we are the royal guard  we out rank them
Vixen: I think not
Elynor: I must report that you threatened me.
Deavous: you have betrayed the people of Minoc
Elynor: I believe I have heard enough.  *calls for the town guards*
You see:  Corrupt Town Guard 

*this was a very short match as the imposter town guards were no match for the RBG, had they been true city guards then the tables might have turned.*

Elynor:  Innocent Fellowship Citizens assaulted by fake Royal Guard!  *trying to play the innocent card for all there*
Kittie: I don't think these are your guards John.. at least.. not good ones anyway.. 

**Note he never said the F Bomb he just let it hanging there with the F** ;)
Vixen: guess again they are FAKE guards
Elynor: Yes, I'm sure evidence will be presented that you are not who you say you are.  And you won't be alive to explain otherwise.


Elynor:  And since you resisted arrest, you won't be able to testify otherwise...
*Oh this witch was really pissing all of us off, we fought with more determination to lock her up or bury her 6' under*
Kittie: "JOHN! I don't think these are part of your guards!! They're either hired hands or corrupt!!
Stilgar: this isn't unity Elynor

Elynor:  Loyalty is like gold, very fungible. 
Fallen Angel: "fungible", writes that one down
Vixen: nothing but street thugs from Zento in make shift guard suit

Kittie: *nods*  Well, I'm taking these ATTACKS personally..  And I don't take kindly to attacks!Elynor: *frowns*  *you could see the looks of concerns crossing her face as she watched her “Guards” drop*
Kittie: *shows her claws*
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    The Investigation of Smuggling out of Minoc Part II

    Elynor: I honestly wish I had budgeted more for security...
    John: You are under arrest, Elynor.
    Elynor:  What is the charge?
    John: You have turned the guards of the City against the Governor's representatives, and the Crown itself.
    Vixen: by that comment you just let us know you brought and paid for these so called Guards
    John: And, by definition, that is treason against both.
    Elynor: *thinks*
    Kittie: Don't even TRY to run..
    Elynor: I am honestly more afraid of others than you.
    John: "That is an error."

    Vixen: Now you going to throw open the storage here for us to check
    Elynor: I believe I will trust your Justice system.
    maints magic: who are these "others" you refer to?
    John: Start by answering maints question.
    Vixen: where did the blood and Golem foot print out back come from?
    Elynor: But maybe a little leniency wouldn't hurt...
    John: Answer their questions.

    Elynor: If I answer your questions, perhaps some leniency in sentencing?
    Spoonman: if you co-operate with us, maybe we can stay the charges against you
    Elynor: And no mention of my talking here and now...
    John: The cooperation comes first, then the consideration.
    Spoonman: maybe..

    John: Worthiness precedes rewards, remember?  Or does that apply only to others besides yourself.

    Elynor:  There is a secret mine in the mountains. You might want to take a look as part of your raid.
    Deavous: mines to the north?
    Elynor:  I have "no idea" what you will find.  But I'm sure it will be interesting.

    John: The Kendal mines?
    maints magic: you have a rune to this "mine"
    Elynor: *nods* The "others" find it very valuable.
    Elynor: Though you will need to find the correct mining tunnel yourself.
    maints magic: "sighs"

    Aridas: Hey are the 'others' the ones that leave big green footprints?
    maints magic: Can we get to who the others are?
    Elynor: The footprints? No those are the golems I know nothing about.  I will gate you to the mines, but you will need to look around yourself.
    John: *writing quick pigeon messages to others in Minoc as we discuss*
    Elynor:  I actually know nothing about dirty mines. 
    Vixen: I think you need to come along as well just in case
    Elynor: *holds up her delicate hands*
    John: Guards men we actually trust will be here in a moment.  They will keep you tied up at the Barnacle until we can arrange to take you to Britain.
    Elynor: Very well...
    John: "You will be safer in a public place."
    Elynor: I hope no mention of my words will come up later...

    John: "Not to those you fear more than us."
    DJ Sandman: Sing to us Vixen
    Fallen Angel: Sure, except your use of "fungible".
    John: To those you will need to survive through this?  Yes, but that is to your benefit.

    Elynor: I find this acceptable.
    John: Everyone, we agree that we explored the mines on instinct and intuition as investigators, right?
    *Of Course*

    Elynor:  Remember what they say about secrets...I don't wish to be one of the two...
    *A gate was made, and Elynor was placed into the custody of true Guard mens*

    *Our arrival at the Minoc Mines did not go unnoticed as we were met by Green Golems*
    *Its here we fine a young man, his name was Sasha*

    Sasha:  Are you here to arrest me?  I didn't kill my parents.
    John: "We are here because instinct told us we should check the mines."  Did you say you killed your parents?
    Floor Jansen: ****** told us you were here *Now how are we to protect her if they know who sent them?*
    John: That is what we were told.
    Sasha: I assumed you were from Minoc.
    Vixen: yes
    Sasha: I did not kill them.
    John: 'Some of us are, aye.'
    Deavous: ```who did?
    *Now our heads are thinking, is this the son of the two that were murdered at the Gypsy camp?*
    Vixen: why are you hiding here then?
    Sasha: I don't know who killed them, but when I told Elynor about their deaths, she attacked me!  She said something about "fall guy"
    John: We have a pretty good idea who killed them.  And that idea is not you.
    Sasha: I am glad then.   Are you were about the golems?
    Vixen:  Notice the bracelet on his wrist
    maints magic: what do you know about these Golems?
    John: "Oh my."
    Sasha:  I have been hiding here for two weeks. 
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    The Investigation of Smuggling out of Minoc Part III

    John: Sasha?  Why keep their bracelet on after all that.
    maints magic: "listens"
    Stilgar: wow
    Sasha: I saw these strange golems in the poison tunnel.
    Gunther von Weez: can you show us?
    Martyna Z'muir: Poison tunnel?
    Sasha: *looks at bracelet*  I am not sure. Habit, something to trade, maybe hope that Elynor acted alone.
    Gunther von Weez: can you show us the poison tunnels?
    John: Take it off.  Then show us the tunnel.  Then go back to the gypsy camp and wait for word.

    Sasha: The poison tunnels are lethal to human beings and living animals.  Whoever has been mining there has used golems to do the work.
    maints magic: is there a way to get through them? secret way maybe?

    Sasha: You can enter for a bit.  But you can't live or work there.  That is why Minoc's elders shut it down.

    Vixen: show us and do as you were told, report to your elders at the camp
    Sasha: I can show you the way.  They are mining strange metals and minerals.  It glows...
    Vixen: *remembers the book at the Cove GraveYard*
    Sasha: Maybe some blackrock...I do not know rock.  Follow me.
    *A quick run*
    John: "now go to the camp Sasha."

    *Hell broke lose once again, armpit deep the RBG was this time*

    Sasha:  I will help you see this through, especially if it relates to my parents' deaths
    *Good kid, except to follow orders*

    John: *collects samples of the material from the corpses*  *carefully wrapping them in cloth*
    Sasha:  The caverns go on for a bit, but I know the tunnels you want.  There are two tunnels where the golems mine.  I can show you where. 
    John: "Do so, then do as I said and go home."
    Sasha:  You may want to go after both.  There are two tunnels. 

    *Once more into the breaches of Hell the RBC rides*
    *Everything around you dissolves into darkness as Luminous Mining Golem's burning eyes fill your vision*
    Wandering Healer: Thou hast strayed from the path of virtue, but thou still deservest a second chance.

    Gwendolen Kincade: How did it go?
    Castaholic: so whats with this blood sample I found

    *To far from the Table to hear*
    maints magic: smiles  nice John
    Gwendolen Kincade: Very good, I shall see that she's brought to justice.
    John: * lays out the ore from the golems*
    Gwendolen Kincade: *takes the ore sample*
    John: Might want to encase it in lead or something similar.
    Gwendolen Kincade: That's very interesting. I'll bring it to the experts for their opinion.
    John: I have a bad feeling about it.
    Gwendolen Kincade: *nods* Good idea, John *carefully puts the ore in her backpack*   It sounds like the raid went well.  Does anyone have anything further to report on it?

    Jordan: Obsu Vulni - Close Wounds
    John: Elynor had infiltrated some of our guards.
    maints magic: might want to block off minoc mines
    Gwendolen Kincade: That is very disturbing.
    John: After we defeated them she was cooperative, and suggested we should go to the mines *nodding to maints*
    Gwendolen Kincade: I shall check on other towns to see if they've had similar problems with their town guards.
    John: We found unique golems and hopefully the two we destroyed were all of them.
    maints magic: wonders if he is still down there
    Gwendolen Kincade: Thank you for the report.
    John: Who, maints, Sasha?   I hope not...I hope he did as he was told and went home.

    Vixen: *nods*
    Gwendolen Kincade: Maints, I didn't hear your comment on Sasha
    maints magic: smiles
    Gwendolen Kincade: *looks around*
    maints magic: Sasha  led us to th golems

    Vixen: at least we did not have to res a DJ *winks*
    DJ Sandman: I know
    Jordan: hehe
    Vixen: LOL
    Gwendolen Kincade: Was Sasha found?   And is he home with his friends now?
    DJ Sandman: a 1st
    Vixen:  we assume so as he was told to report to his elders
    Gwendolen Kincade: *laughs*   It sounds like it all went very well.

    Thus ends this report
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