Client Updates: Public House Toggle

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Feature: Public House Toggle

I have spent approximately Mutliple hours testing the above feature.

I usually play solo/small group

What I like most about the above feature is that you are attempting to offer it.

What I like least about the above feature is: 
It does not feel like it is working as intended or working for any actual usefulness.

What I feel can be improved about the above feature is:

When you first log in, this feature feels like it's working as intended, all public houses show their contents. 

HOWEVER, the moment you recall into a new location, public house contents are no longer visible.  

If you return to the original location you were at, those houses now not load properly. In the EC, you can sometimes run off the screen and come back to load the houses. In CC, it is permanently broken at this point until you relog.

I have tested this both on TC and live servers as this is a client side patch.  I have tried changing the number of cached homes and it does not change the behavior of the toggle.


  • BleakBleak Posts: 142Dev
    This issue will be resolved in the next update.
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