UO Guide Treasure Map page Updated for Pub 105!

The UO Guide page for treasure maps has been updated to be relevant for all the changes with Pub 105.

Remember that UO.com has an excellent t-hunting write up as well.

Hopefully between these two pages the Pub 105 t-hunting changes have been demystified.

Note: A couple of the UO Guide tables (lockpicking skill, etc.) have not been updated for 105. A couple of the tables are still missing entries (0 RT timing, Rusty/Standard/Gold Artisan Resources).

However, it is a public wiki, so anyone can fix that!

The uo-cah.com website is still your best bet for detailed loot distribution.

Duplicate posting this to Stratics and UO.com since the t-hunting update was pretty substantial and getting the newer information out should help everyone! (If the mods don't like it, they can remove it!)

Good Hunting Everyone


  • JollyJadeJollyJade Posts: 578
    edited August 2019
    With 0 [[Cartography]], the digger must be directly on the tile where the chest is buried.

    Was this changed as well? When digging up a chest with zero mining, you had a 1-tile radius, which meant 3x3 tiles did dig up the chest. You can't even dig up a chest when you stand directly on top of it.

    Haven't done many maps after the nerf though, maybe it was indeed nerfed as well.
    Just a troll who got told by lesser trolls (moderator classification)
  • I don't know. That info and table were pre-existing. It's probably a 1-tile radius all around the chest since, as you say, you can't dig up the chest when standing on top of it.

    Since anyone can edit UO Guide, why don't you test it and update the page?

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