How do I open/close status bars in EC?

I can't get the status bar for my character to come up in the EC.  The status bar that has a small portrait & stamina, hp, and mana bars.  Any ideas?


  • TimStTimSt Posts: 1,083
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    It might be hidden behind something or so off screen because of a window resize that you can't see it.

    Try moving the playfield around a bit.

    The nuclear approach to getting it back would be to delete the config file for the character. For example: "C:\Users\Tim\Documents\EA Games\Ultima Online Stygian Abyss\User Data\tim\Pacific\Tim" The next time you log in the file will be recreated but you loose any macros and toolbars that you had already configured.

    Less nuclear approach would be to edit that config file, find the "StatusWindow" element and change the values.  For example change
    <WindowPositions name="StatusWindow" x="1202.000000" y="461.000000" />
    <WindowPositions name="StatusWindow" x="0.000000" y="36.000000" />

    Edit: The comment window does not like showing the equal symbol so it shows = instead
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    You could also open the EC User Options and reset the UI.

    ESC>User Settings>Options>Interface>"Reset UI Locs"

    That will move all UI elements back to the center of the screen so you can reposition them.

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