Price check .

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Returning after 4 plus years and have few items like to get some info on if possible .

Ship Model .

Rubble broken chair

Rubble ferns 2 and 4 leaf version think it is .

rubble briar and branches .

Are statues  , globes and mini deed houses any good now ?

Scrolls and practice weapons .

Thank you for any information ..


  • KirthagKirthag Posts: 541
    Your best bet for prices is to jump onto ATL and use Vendor Search to see what is priced there. 
    Then go back to your home shard and again, use Vendor Search to see what the differences are.

    • Ship Model can be got from the aquarium... I cannot even sell them on Pac anymore.
    • Rubble might be of some value
    • IF you have the double bladed axe (practice) that would be worth some serious gold - that was hard to come by even back in the day
    • If you're talking about those colored named statues, I seen them range from 100k to 500k.
    • Snowglobes - depending on the name - again can be a little valuable, but not by much (most I'd pay for a Yew related globe is 800k on Pac).
    • mini-houses can be got from the UO store, so are not really that rare anymore.
    • Plain scrolls, and even the golden marks, are not selling on Pac... so not sure if there is even a market on ATL for them.
  • SpiteSpite Posts: 2

    Thank you for the reply , the ship model is not from aquarium its the older then dirt one .

    I just came back after many a years only to find half my stuff I stored on characters missing .

    So trying to figure what is worth selling or trashing .

    And no my account was not hacked or accesed by anyone else .

    I will make a alt on Atlantic and take a look .

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    Welcome back
    Remove Trap = Bad News
    Treasure Hunters
  • DrakelordDrakelord Posts: 1,741

    A toy boat is from the Tank
    Remove Trap = Bad News
    Treasure Hunters
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