Extend Luck Statue Bonus Timer


Is it possible to extend the Luck bonus given by the 10th Anniversary statue beyond the 1 hour baseline? The reason I ask is because many encounters these days take an extended amount of time to complete, whether it's multi-phase fighting, or gathering keys. When this item was first introduced, the endgame was Peerless Boss encounters. You and a small party could farm multiple keys for and knock out 7 to 10 boss fights by the time the bonus expired. However, today's best loot is gated behind instances like Corgul, Exodus, and Shadowguard. Using Shadowguard as an example, one can only complete 1 or 2 instances within the time period of completing the rooms and slaying the bosses.

My request is to upgrade this item to reflect the current game status of Ultima Online.


  • I agree. 12 hrs would be good. That would give you a good amount of time to do spawns and other encounters.
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    Not a solution but you can click the statue and log out. Wait 24 hours and your luck is still running when you log back in. When the timer runs out you can click it again for another hour after the first one expires. So you get like 2 hours in a row. At least someone told me that :P
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    Not anymore, I'm sure an emergency patch will go in for that one.
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