House replacement

So, I've hjeard this and that.
I've read, but not sure I trust it all lol.

From someone who has done it, is it really as easy as just using the sign?  You dont have to clear all the stuff out of the house, it goes into the crate and not out on the ground like a huge yard sale?

TIA for sharing your experiences


  • MariahMariah Posts: 764Moderator
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    What do you mean by House replacement?  To convert a pre-built to a custom you need only remove some house add ons, mostly containers that are placed from deeds, also carpet tiles and crafted stone all else will go in the moving crate. This also applies to converting to the new castles and keeps
    House re-size counts as a demolish and all items not packed up will be thrown under the house sign.
  • Uriah_HeepUriah_Heep Posts: 645
    Right.  I was considering going to one of the contest keeps, just wondering what I had to do to store all the crap in the keep I have now lol.

    Sounds like it should be a simple change.  Thanks

  • KirthagKirthag Posts: 327
    @Mariah to confirm...

    ALL crafted stone (walls and pavers) need to be removed before converting an existing castle to a prebuilt castle design via the Secure Replacement?

    I understand Stewards, mannequins, deeded containers, and other "specialty" items need to be broken down as well. I didn't know carpet pieces do... how about goza?

    I tested this on TC and the gozas and stone walls used in my designs were moved into the crate - albeit that thing was STUFFED after.

    Just trying to decide if I _really_ want to change one of my castles... 
  • KirthagKirthag Posts: 327
    simple.... not so simple.

    so switching my castle is not an entirely difficult thing, getting all the house add-ons packed up is. 
    totally figuring out why I have so much gozas, that is another story!

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