When will I be able to copy characters to TC again?

its been awhile now where the shard options been greyed out


  • I almost posted this myself a couple days ago. Any update would be appreciated. 
  • Uriah_HeepUriah_Heep Posts: 915

    Hey,  someone had to do it...

  • BilboBilbo Posts: 2,834
    When asking questions like tjis you need to tag @Kyronix @Mesanna @Bleak
  • PawainPawain Posts: 9,233
    At this point they are waiting to put the next publish onto test center. Then they will open it.

    I guess they don't want to deal with a new design contest right now.
    Focus on what you can do, not what you can't.
  • psychopsycho Posts: 296
    Think we have enough designs already.
    I upgraded mine many months ago and have no plans of changing it no matter how many designs are added.
    For those playing on ATL very few have castles and keeps.

    why not spend the time and resources on something everyone can enjoy,
    new pvp system, revamp of old content, bug fixing, upgrade the crafting/imbuing system etc

  • Totally disagree and sooo looking forward to new designs and the addition of missing pieces to the deco tool! And Have two castles to convert I just need to find a design that fits my playing, made by me or anyone . The copmpetition part isnt the fun, its the constructioning of a big home with storage and space for all crafting and planting add ons but also for deco!  
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