[EM News]Summer Fun Decoration Contest! Details inside!

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On Thursday, July 11th, I kicked off the Catskills Reward Hall decoration challenge. There are 20 plots laid out at the Reward Hall in Malas. Each plot has a deed with the corresponding plot number. On the front porch of the Reward Hall is a steward with books. Simply say Garden to him and he will give you a random book with a number. That is the number of your plot. There are, as of this evening, 13 plots remaining available.

This is, hopefully, the first of several decoration contests. You have from now thru the 27th to come up with a design that encompasses the theme "Summer Fun". The weekend of the 27th, I will meet you at the grounds and assist with locking down your designs. Constructions dates will July 27th, July 28th and July 30th.

After July 30th, a special guest team of judges comprised of EM's from other shards who have agreed to help us out will review and declare a winner. The winning design will remain in place and a special ribbon or trophy cup will be added with the designers name(s).

A few items of note:
1. You can enter a solo or group design.
2. One entry per group or person please.
3. I can lock down, turn and raise items on your plot.
4. You must build within the boundaries of your designated plot.
5. Specific times will be posted as we get closer to the construction dates. 

Please know that every effort will be made to return your items if your entry is not the winning one. HOWEVER, I cannot guarantee that they can be returned. For instance, the brazier from Doom is not able to be released after being locked and has to be deleted. Please do not use anything in your design that you do not wish to lose. 

I can't wait to see your creativity!
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