Unlikely Rescue Fiction - July 18th 9PM EDT

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Haymic pulled a handkerchief from his pocket to wipe the sweat from his brow as he added another log to the fire place. Swinging out the cook pot he ladled broth into a wooden bowl. Making his way over to the alcove where his wife lay swaddled in the winter blankets shivering and shaking. He held back his emotions at seeing his wife so thin and pale. “Leesee, drink, I have brought to you some broth, it has medicines that will make you well my love.” Meeting the fevered eyes of his wife as he propped her up and held the bowl to her lips; careful to make sure that she drank it all.

 Haymic had finally come to his whit’s end and sought out the gypsy woman at the camp outside of town. Tales of her medicines often rumored but never any specifics. Bad luck is told to come upon those that meet with the gypsy and a sure way for a shopkeeper to become shunned and lose his livelihood. In the dead of night Haymic had made his way to the camp to plead for help, offering up his savings to the old woman and telling her that he would do anything to help his wife. The warning of the old gypsy rang in his ears as he made his way back home. “I have the ability to keep your wife safe from death but protection comes with a price, she will be not the same as you once knew. Choose carefully tailor man, once she drinks, it cannot be undone.”

Haymic held the small vial of amber liquid over the bowl, the sounds of his Leesee struggling for breath filling his ears and pushing away the gypsy warning. Haymic loved his wife, protecting her and providing for her was all he had known. Looking around his living area in the back of his small tailors shop, he was willing to lose it all to keep her safe.  With a last shake of his head Haymic emptied the vial into the bowl and approached his wife’s bedside.

The next morning Haymic was relieved to find his wife breathing slow and easy. Reaching out to touch her face he was comforted to find her skin cool to the touch, not raging with fever. This change was exactly what he needed. Deciding that she was out of the woods and that he could once again open up the shop out front he went about his day. Looking in at his wife mid-day Leesee was still sleeping soundly, no noises came from the alcove and all he could see was the throws and blankets he had tucked so lovingly around her. This is good he thought, let her rest and gain her strength; I will not disturb her.  After a long afternoon assisting their most valued if not very picky customer Haymic was excited to get to his wife and share the good news that an entire new wardrobe had been ordered. This would more than be enough to cover their losses from the time needed to care for Leesee and add funds back to into the savings used for the gypsy miracle.

Sweeping into the back room Haymic exclaimed “My love, time to wake, how are you feeling?” Sitting on the edge of the bed and pulling back the blankets Haymic looked down in shock and horror at the life size rag doll with button eyes that stared back. The perfect replication of his Leesee…

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